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Horrible performance and FPS issues

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Hi, I participated in the last Beta, I wanted to give my feedback since that's all about when you get in a Beta for a game


I really liked this game, the maps, characters, bouncy outfits ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and more, but I was amazed of how bad is optimized this game


When in Towns the FPS go from 60 to 20 and even 15! when in combat drop fps from 80 to 20, unacceptable.


I tried all the configurations possible, graphic settings, and even tips I saw on Reddit BnS


Lets talk about the SLI performance:


its zero, none, it doesnt exist, the second GPU is sitting at 3% of load while the main GPU is under 97% of load and having trouble to play the game at stable FPS


if NCSoft want us to play or buy (packs) of their game they first must optimize this sh#t, I play games like Battlefield 4 at 120FPS on Ultra, I know its not the same type of game but from 120 FPS to 15-20FPS, there must be something wrong isint?


anyway I just wanted to share my feedback because I didn't see too much complaining about this, and I know there's a lot of people having this issue


if you guys want us to play your game or pay for the Premium packs, first we need SLI support, graphic optimization and more important 60 consistent FPS AT LEAST


I would rather to play an semi-old game but which runs well, and not a beautiful game badly optimized with drops of 30fps while in combat, or just in a town.


I hope you guys read this, and fix this ASAP


this is my system info


BenQ XL24II 144Hz Monitor

i7 2600k

Asus Z77 Sabertooth


Dual GTX 780's SC

RM 1000 PSU

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A lot of the problems people are having with frame rate are with CPU issues. This game is weirdly more CPU intensive than GPU intensive. I managed to find a core un-parking tool and noticed a nice increase in my frame rates at higher settings than i normally ran. Although once I reached Moonwater plains area there were still so many people there that the fps dropped again, and i was forced to lower setting back to my old ones and it became much more stable. I am not on some super gaming rig though so take what worked for me with a grain of salt lol.

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Yep. Indeed.


A lot of game don't manage the SLI/Crossfire, and BnS is not GPU intensive so, there is no real reason to ask for a support on this point.

On my side, i have a GTX 760 2 Go & Phenom II x4 965 Be (3.8GHz OC) and both was running around 50/60%.

Try to lock your FPS at 60 to let some margin for your GPU. In your case i think you are asking your GPU to create 120 FPS like Battlefield, but if you just can't, you will just create some drops of FPS when your GPU can't manage the 120 FPS for this game.

Anyway, i got the same problem of FPS, even if my CPU/GPU are not at full charge. Wait & See. xD


OmniBlade, how did you un-park the game ? xD

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There was an Official topic at some point that got totally abandoned : You can provide your DXDIAG, but at this point, I don't think they're working on a fix or even care about it.



I'm the last guy to post a month ago, and look, no crickets were given since then.

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It's a track for you ... can't really translate with my english ... :(

Hope it will help :


Maybe it will help you find a good way to optimize the game on your side. :/

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The settings won´t compensate this critical problems of the perfomance.... Im using a I7 4770k overclocked + GTX 980 (SLI, yea it doesn´t matter) and got FPS drops with all ingame settings! No matter which resolution, if you move around in some areas the FPS drops.



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The game runs fine when I'm solo, (well most of the time) but when I go in a dungeon with a group I make sure I check "Optimize for combat". I know it sucks but there's a reason they added that option, because they know their engine has some issues.


And again, this game is CPU heavy, a single GTX 670 is probably enough to run it on high settings in 1080p @ 60fps. So it doesn't matter if you have a GTX 780, 390x or a 980ti. (if you check your GPU load it will probably never be at 99%) It looks like this game just can't feed the CPU fast enough with information and that's what causes lags. Reducing graphics quality helps because some graphics settings will also effect CPU usage (e.g. shadow distance)


My advice would be to overclock your CPU (but even then I'd say you get a performance increase of max 20%) and simply optimize your PC:


1. OC your CPU

2. Delete/uninstall unnecessary programs and defrag your HDD (defrag not needed if you installed it on an SSD)

3. Close everything in the background

4. Check in Taskmanager for suspicious processes (basically stuff that eats your CPU time)

5. Update your drivers (maybe even Direct X)

6. Use "real" Fullscreen mode with ALT + ENTER (you need to hit both keys at the exact same time)

7. Set Priority of "Client.exe" to High in Taskmanager

8. When using an Intel CPU with HT, try disabling it

9. (Re) install Windows 7

10. Reduce graphics quality (duh)



If you're using a toaster these tips won't help though. 




Edit: My Setup


OS: Windows 7

CPU: i7-4770k @4.4Ghz

RAM: 4x4GB 1600mhz DDR3

GPU: MSI GTX 970 @1500/3800

SSD: 250GB Samsung 840Evo

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