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Bugreport CBT 3rd Weekend

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Translation: Charactername and displayed text are different


The enemies cat in the trainingroom for the summoner is named "Dumpling", but the displayed Text says "Darling"



Synchronisation: Lumang Syndicate Gil - Chapter 22: Wings of Mushin, Silver and Gold


The audiofile (speech) for the last textpassage is wrong - instead they played the audiofile from the passage before


Errormessage: Quickslot - Register an Item


If you try to put an item in your quickslot (Keys 5-8) which cannot be registered, you get the wrong message: "This item can not be sold on the Marketplace" instead of "This item can not be Registered"


Survey: Survey for "Tomb of the Exiles" displayed too early


The survey for "Tomb of the Exiles" will be displayed with level 36, but with level 36 the most players didnt even reach that dungeon, so the surveys maybe filled out wrong from many ppl just to get the items ... this survey should be displayed with level 38+


Tutorial: The Way of the Kung Fu Master: Part 5


The tutorial displays "Use Grapple (TAB) Pummel (2) against Knucklehead", but to use Grapple you have to use Leg Sweep first. So this text should be changed to: "Use Leg Sweep (3) Grapple (TAB) Pummel (2) against Knucklehead"


Wrong Textorder: The Way of Hongmoon - Follow Brother Hajoon out of the Goldleaf Foundry


Brother Hajoon says: 

Let's check it out

Something's wrong. I don't like this...


Brother Hajoon should say:

Something's wrong. I don't like this...

Let's check it out


Finished Quest is displayed as Daily-Quest: "All That Glitters"


If you finished the quest "All That Glitters" you still see the daily-quest-icon over the NPC, because you have to talk with them again and then you have to talk to another NPC to end the quest. This icon should be changed to another icon like an single arrow. 


Wrong Target for Mainquest: Chapter 9: And Now For Something Completely Different


If you talked to the NPC at the end of the dungeon you should activate the two terracotta soldiers, but the icon for the mainquest points to the entrance - so if someone didn't read the displayed text he will run to the entrance instead of activating the soldiers. This could be confusing, because the NPC won't follow and you can't complete your task until you found out, that you have to run back and activate the soldiers.

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