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Quest: Ch.3 Dodan the Hero & Attacked while talking with NPC

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1. I really like to wear my fraction clothes and pvp with other people. I wear them since I got them and lvl like that. I noticed a very strange thing while doing that.

Since I am constantly in those clothes I get attacked very often by other players.
This time I was talking to a quest NPC when I got attacked. I got pull out of the firstperson camera BUT I was not able to rotate my camera with the mouse or even move with WASD.

After dieing a few times like that I noticed that I need to spam ESC for everything to go away and to free my controls.
I am not sure if it should or shouldn't work like that, but I would appreciate to be able to react instantly after getting attacked :/ (I was a sword master when that happened)


2. I don't think that this is a bug but I should probably mention it. I like to make my minimap on Tracking map so it is fixed to me and rotates as I do.

On the quest "Chapter 3: Dodan the Hero" after beating the enemy bandit leader I had to windstride back to the vilage. From that point I waked over to a guy called Chengun and talked to him. After I finished he said: "If you procede with this path on the LEFT you should get...." (or something like that, I cant remember it correctly) BUT, no matter how I look, on the minimap or my current position it is the path on the RIGHT. (Except if I press "M" and open the big map then its on the left)

As I said this is nothing big but it still made me question few times.

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