Hello everyone.  My name is Stephen and I'm the Senior Writer for "Blade & Soul".   You've all been pretty busy enjoying the Alpha testing and eagerly awaiting the upcoming beta release of the game, which is great to see.  We've noticed that the community has been gathering up a lot of questions about the localization of the game, so I've volunteered to come along and chat with everyone on the topic.  While this is an open invitation for curious minds, please do understand that I'm not able to discuss matters like content updates, the cash shop, release dates, bug fixes, or anything technical like that.  My involvement with the game's development has always been writing and localization, so that's what this thread will remain focused on.   I will be in the habit of deleting posts in this thread that don't contribute to the overall discussion of the game content, just for the sake of keeping things tidy for other users who come browsing later down the line.  It's not an effort to censor or silence, but simply to keep the thread clean of any clutter.  If you come up with a post that's just stating your opinion of something or that has already been covered in previous replies, it's probably going to get deleted.  If you feel it's important and worth stating, by all means feel free to open a thread about it in the General Discussion sub-forum for everyone to see.  Also please understand that, while I'm going to do my utmost to address all questions raised, there are some topics I'm not presently allowed to discuss lest it spoil future content.   Speaking of spoilers, if anyone has any questions pertaining to specific events in the game, please show common courtesy to your fellow players by making liberal use of the Spoiler break.   With the disclaimer out of the way, let's get going.  You've got questions, I've got answers, so let's see if they match.