Closed Beta 3 Known Issues

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Here you will find the list of currently known issues within the Blade & Soul Closed Beta that will be fixed at a later date. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.




  • Invite to Dungeon and Invite to Spar character limit is currently limited to 12 characters.
  • Daily quest: Start of Festival - The emotes to use within the quest are currently mistranslated. The correct emotes are as follows:
    • /joke = /tease
    • /pleasure = /bravo

  • Heaven’s Reach: Summoner – Your character can sometimes get stuck while choosing a cat.

Workaround: Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape” (this is a unstuck feature)

  • Heaven’s Reach – Your character can sometimes get stuck falling off the cliff.

Workaround: “4” key to resurrect, Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape”

NOTE: If those options are not available there is no workaround, and a new character must be created. Keep in mind that players can save their appearance profile by clicking F11 community menu at the bottom right hand corner -> Photo Gallery -> Bottom middle button -> Save. This will save the character’s appearance which can be re-used during character creation.

  • Stuck/Rubberbanding

Workaround: Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape” (this is a unstuck feature), or if high enough level, double tap S to move back

  • Black screen after a cut scene - Once this occurs restarting the game is the only way to resolve the issue.

Players who encounter this issue are encouraged to post in the Bug Report forum containing a DxDiag and what cut scene they encountered this on.

  • Mouse is capable of leaving the screen

Workaround: Alt Tabbing out of and back into the game will temporarily resolve this issue.

  • PvP and Dungeon Invite Name fields are limited to 12 characters

  • Hongmoon store Gift and Request name fields are limited to 12 characters.




Fixed the below known issues for Closed Beta 3:



  • The /applause emote has been fixed.
  • Items are not being sent in-game after upgrading a Founder's Pack.
  • Players that upgrade their Disciple Pack to Master Pack not receiving their costumes and weapon skin.
  • Issues with searching on the Marketplace for North American servers.

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