No, I am not talking about the outfits. I am talking about a specific side quest. Yes, I do read them. The side quest in question will be marked as a spoiler and will be a quote from another thread.       Even if you agree with what was done (I don't. I REALLY REALLY don't) It is still censorship. But NCSOFT claimed there would be no censorship. Now, they might try to backpedal and say they were only referring to the clothes. However, I'll post three sites that claim that NCSOFT said there won't be any censorship or the game will be completely uncensored.   Not only is this censorship, but they are hiding away cultural aspects of the eastern areas. They are insulting the players, the creator of the quest, and ultimately changing and removing the culture, history, and folk lore of the eastern part of our would. The fact that this game has an Asian theme is, at least for me, a major selling point. Most MMOs take place in the same old boring High European Fantasy setting. We finally get a fantasy Asian setting, only for NCSOFT to take aspects of it away for a minority of players. I mean lets face it. The ones who will keep playing this game far after launch are the ones who love this type of setting. They don't want the world of Blade & Soul to be westernized, they just want it translated.    Day two of thread Edit: I should of added this to the OP on the first day, but I didn't get around to it until now. If you didn't know, more that just this side quest have been censored. Some actual story quests have been censored, as well as other side quests. Please visit this thread created by @Rahaya:   I'd like to ask people to make that post more prosperous.  If you haven't liked it, please do. Even that could help getting it change back to how it should be.