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<Archon>Recruiting members interested in joining this new clan ^^

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I know it's still really early to be recruiting clan members but I just wanted to throw this out there.


Our clan will be a nice place for people to come hang out and chat with others without being shy.


We'll have fun partying up, questing, leveling together, doing dungeons, eventually PVP and what not!


Some info about the clan:

-Crimson Legion

-Iksanun Server

-NA server (preferably)

-looking for a friendly environment


P.S. If you're interested in joining you can just leave your ign below and I'll (hopefully) find a way to come into contact with you (during CBT and after release). We welcome all players (veteran and new) to create a fun and engaging community for everyone.


*Note : for more info/questions my ign is "Paramina" so you can whisp/msg me anything you want to know. OR if you just wanna be friends and play ^_^. Hope to see you all in game during CBT and upon release!

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