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Hey, guys (and you females  ;) )! I'm Honor/Soulune, a streamer for Aion and TW/CN Blade & Soul. I was hoping to make my first guide by the end of the Alpha Testing Weeks for those who are starting during beta and having trouble fighting other classes, BUT I got a bit excited and decided to start this guide now for use in 2nd Alpha Test. Please note that although I did play to level cap on both TW and CN, I did not PvP much because of my outrageous ping. This guide will be created mostly off of the experience I've gained during the first NA Alpha Test, but I hope it works as a good start for anyone who wants to become the best Little Master they can be. If I make any mistakes or there are important things that I missed, PLEASE let me know in the comments so I can edit them in! Credit will be given to good advise~
My experience/qualifications:
-Max level on LBM in CN/TW/NA
-Just about max on the NA Alpha (dat PvP Arena side-tracking though)
-Over 100 arenas played in NA, along with a winstreak of 15+ at level 38 where I was against level 45 characters of every class

**Note: Everything I'm going to write, including the skill-tree, is 100% off memory. I don't have any reference pictures or notes so excuse my mistakes or if I miss something!**

Now, onto the actual guide!  ^_^

This fight basically comes down to how aggressive you can play while avoiding their stuns/parries. General rule is: when they spin, you spin (or just don't do anything). If you're better at Chi Management than your opponent, chances are you will win the fight.
Tips & Tricks:
-As a LBD you can spam your Pinwheel for an almost impenetrable parrying AoE; ALMOST impenetrable. If you can catch the LBD towards the end of the spin, before they're about to start another one, then you can have your way with them. Pinwheel only parries for the first .5s of the spin (if I can remember correctly) so that means the rest of the spin is free game to stun and attack. This takes timing and a bit of ping, but it can be very useful.
-Try to use your Sprinting/Gliding Stuns before using your Dashes and core skills at the beginning of the fight. If you can stun them then the free damage may be the difference between a win and a loss
-Don't use your Escape on anything except for: Groggy/Stuns. Even then, make it count. My general rule is if they use Lightning Draw during a stun/groggy then I instantly Escape and SS so I'm out of the range of their RMB Lightning Flash stun (if they have it spec'd, always assume they do as it's a common build), then I follow up with a Dash into the Air Combo as the dash has a far higher range than Lightning Flash.
-If your opponent happens to use Escape on your Knockdown rather than rolling out of it or using a counter, you can Stunlock them from virtually 100-0. I see a ton of new players making this mistake and the duel will be instantly over. To stunlock try to Pinwheel and bait them to attack you with it on, if they take the bait they'll be stunned, follow up with Lightning Draw and LMBs (Save RMB). Next, use Dash Attack to stun them for another 2s while constantly DPSing them. For the final stun, use your RMB Lightning Flash and DPS them to 0. Be sure to track the timing of your stuns so that you don't end them pre-maturely or late as it could mean you don't 100-0 or, in the case of doing it late, attacking onto a raging LBD who is trying to spam Pinwheel and having the stun reflected back to you.
-Use your Force Grab to Drain Chi from your opponent, this hurts LBDs tremendously as we are useless without Chi, especially if the other LBD is now able to spam Pinwheel another four times on your face because of the stolen Chi. If this happens to you, I recommend waiting for an opening in Pinwheel, attacking to gain Chi back, wait for another opening, then KD them into Force Grab and Drain their Chi so that you're on top again.
LBD vs. FM
This fight revolves around how well you can manage the CDs on your Dashes as well as Chi Management (you'll hear this term a lot in this guide, I'll define it at the bottom in the Key). If you're ever caught out of attack range without your Dashes/Chi then you are considered a dead LBD. FM have a ton of CC to keep you at an arms length while dishing out controlled damage, constantly stunning you and knocking you back.
Tips & Tricks:
-You can time your stuns and abilities to hit them right after they un-freeze from Ice Form (I don't know the exact name of the skill, but they freeze themselves making them invulnerable for 2-4s? You can see the time on the status bar, but I'm drawing blanks here lol). A good FM will usually Double-S out of 'Ice Form' to avoid this though, so asses your opponent before trying to Cheese (use cheap tactics) against them.
-Pinwheel is a great way to remove immobilization placed on you by the FM's ice, but it can also be dangerous. I recommend using Double-S whenever possible to get out of their Immobilization as SS will give you 1 Chi, while Pinwheel takes away 2. That can be the difference between a win and lose, also contributing to Chi Management.
-Never allow yourself to be kited, if your opponent is a much better player than you in terms of movement, force them into a corner. Remember, this is an arena area, it's closed off and you can use such tactics to make sure you cannot be kited indefinitely
-RS their Stun instantly, they don't have many stuns and you need to keep up the pressure or risk falling behind
-When Force Gripped try to Counter immediately as most FM's will attempt to throw you and gain distance. At best you avoid it, 2nd worst case-scenario is that they have 4s of Force Grip DPS which isn't much; worst case is that you're thrown, DPS'd while you're attempting to get back to them and they Seal your movement skills (dash's), and you have to waste a Dash anyways to get back to them.
-Much like LBD vs. LBD, you can 100-0 stun them. Only for this fight you can do it in KDs as well as Stuns. Note that if you don't use your skills in the order I listed in the LBD section, your Draw Stance will be negated.
-Don't stand in their Zone skills, simple tip to end it, but it can be terrible if you don't obey it.
Hard and very technical fight. All about whether you give into their fake-outs and continue to attack while they're countering; one of the few classes that can 100-0 you without a second thought. Learn the animation of their counters first and foremost, then work on how to get around it and look for openings.
Tips & Tricks:
-If they're countering, you can use Q/E to spin behind them and then Dash into their back which isn't guarded and won't trigger a parry (wow, that sounds terrible); however they have a skill that resists attacks so if that's up, don't try it. You can tell if it's up by the way their body shines/flashes white on hit. If you Q/E and attack into that, instantly SS away and gain distance then reengage in a few seconds.
-Pinwheeling their Counter is an option, it will give them an attack on block, but you'll be able to parry it if you keep spinning and it will stun them if they attack into it. Follow up with an Air Combo into a KD. Try to force them to use their Escape, if they don't then don't attack. If you get countered while they are KDed then you're going to have to use your own Escape which is almost a 100% lost fight because they can 100-0 you with stuns.
-I like to switch out my Lightning Flash (2s stun on RMB in Draw Stance) for Lightning Parry (not sure what it's called, but it's a .5s parry and if you block a skill they get stunned as well as the CD of your RMB being refreshed and you gain Chi). If you're a fast player with a good ping, this will give you a huge advantage. Anticipate when they will attack OR attack into their Counter to bait an attack then parry it for the reversal/stun and DPS then with Blade Echo/Flicker (LMB in Draw Stance).
-Never use your Escape skill to remove a KD. If you get stunned and they try to DPS you, stay calm; wait until they use a 2nd stun on you and then use your Escape. If you use it on the first stun, they will still have enough CC to 75-0 you. Better to waste their CDs when you waste your own, always trade 1 for 1 if you have to give any ground.
-An aggressive KFM can be easily beat with Pinwheel and Air Combos. You can keep them in the air continuously through-out the duel if they try to attack normally. Simply counter with Pinwheel and watch them learn to fly  :rolleyes:
LBD vs. BM
This fight has a lot of similarities with KFM. Play very safe and technical, don't attack into their Parry, burst hard when you can then back off. It's all about knowing when to be aggressive and when to play extremely passive/gain distance.
Tips & Tricks:
-Many BMs will go aggressive at the start of the fight, much like LBDs. Simply Pinwheel if you see them dash onto you, remember you can Pinwheel in the air as well if your opponent knows how to control his gliding and attempts to fight you in mid-air. Usually you wont see air duels at the start until Gold+ so don't worry about this just yet.
-A skilled BM will attempt to confuse you, constantly throwing your target indicator off with Spins (your Q/E) and Dashes. Learn to control your camera and keep it on them while countering with your own Spins. If they spin behind you, turn your camera with them and use your own spin. The reality is: if they spin first, you'll be the one to get the last spin, at which point you can Stun them from their back and Air Combo like a bad-ass B) .
-Even if you've turned into a bad-ass by countering their Q/E spins, don't get too cocky. Attacking into their Parry from the front (which is up 90% of the fight) can still give them enough ground to catch up and turn the duel around. If you ever do attack into Parry there are a few ways to counter it: first, Pinwheel. Yeah it's out bread-and-butter skill, our 7-Wood Rescue Club (for those golfers out there), hail marry, fall back, half-court shot, but note that Pinwheel takes quite a bit of Chi to keep up. So avoid spamming it and don't make the mistake of attacking into Parry in the first place. 
-Honestly, this fight just comes down to counters and playing safe. As long as you're able to resist spamming attacks mindlessly and actually keep a cool mind while thinking about what to do next (which is a lot harder in combat than on paper), then you won't have as much trouble. Keep in mind the BM is trying to get under your skin, don't let them.
LBD vs. Summoner
Why do so many people complain about this fight?! Sure, Summoner's are inherently annoying because they use DoTs and are very evasive with their Cat continuously interrupting and CCing you when you get close or try to combo, the counter/invisibility, and being able to switch places with their cat, but there are ways to get around this!  Control yourself and use your stuns correctly, that is the biggest key to winning the fight. Summoner's are a squishy class with not many Escapes. I'll go into detail with this fight in the tips & tricks section as it's the one people seem to have the most trouble with.
Tips & Tricks:
-Master the art of Target Optimization. Go to your settings right now and set your Target Indicator to the most sensitive setting, this will make it easier for you to target the Cat or Summoner based on how you want to approach the fight.
-When I fight Summoners, the general rule is that there are 2 ways to go about it: First, CC the Summoner and kill the Cat; Second, CC the Cat and kill the Summoner. Both 'work' for different play styles, and you'll have to find what works best for you, but I prefer simultaneously CCing the Cat while I kill the player. Against low level Summoners you can even abuse the fact that your Force Grip has an ability on X that allows you to throw the Cat away from the Summoner and put it to sleep for 30 seconds. At a higher level, summoners can spec into CC resistance for their cat, but some don't so this tactic still applies and put the cat out of the equation for 30 whole seconds.
-Once the Cat is CC'd or the Summoner is CC'd (based on what you chose to do), Instantly Dash to the other and stun them. Follow up with Lightning Draw and full DPS. It doesn't matter if you waste your DPS skills here as killing one or the other either wins you the duel or makes the fight 50% easier. Don't use all your Chi unless you picked the Summoner Kill route though as you'll still need Chi for CCing the Summoner once s/he wakes up after you've killed the Cat.
-When they use 'Petal Storm' (is that the name? correct me people!) you cannot use any Parry skills to stun them and your Boomerang skill won't KD them so long as they are in that area of pedals. If you see this, don't continue to spam Pinwheel (you shouldn't be in the first place and this just shows why).
-Don't attack into their Dandelion, if you do they will gain movement speed and invisibility. Using Q/E and your Lightning Flash when spec'd to stun will go through it as long as you end up at their back.
-Summoners have no way to remove Groggy/Stun, much like FMs, so you can try to 100-0 after CCing the Cat. Use the same combo as with LBDs. After they've used their Switch ability while KDed, you can KD lock as well.
-Use SS to get out of their immobilization, use Pinwheel if SS isn't up. Much like the fight with FMs.
-If the Cat tries a Bodylock, glhf ggwp! Much like the Bodylock from Destroyers, you can't get out of it pre-maturely. Just have to take their full burst. Avoid this at all costs by rolling out of any and all KDs; Countering while KDed WILL NOT stop it. Just know that it's completely preventable every time with that roll, so don't get angry about your own slowness!
LBD vs. Destroyer
Spin to win at it's finest right here; Garen vs. Katarina (for you league players). There is one general rule in this fight: when they spin, you have 2 options, spam Pinwheel to counter their spin OR use your Z to resist 1 to 5 skills and try to DPS with Lightning Draw then stun them during the end of their spin when there's an opening and continue the beat down. This fight is very costly on Chi and requires you to have a bit of knowledge about how Pinwheel works to regain it. I'll talk more about this in the Tips & Tricks section.
Tips & Tricks:
-Because this is a Chi-Intensive fight, you need a way to continuously regain Chi. Do this by using Pinwheel when they spin. Each time you parry you gain +2 (or +1?) Chi and it can restore 4-8 Chi every spin because their spin hits 4 times (I'm pretty sure).
-Just like the discrepancy with Pinwheel, in-between a Destroyer's spins you can stun them. I usually use this time to throw a boomerang for a KD and bait their Escape. If they don't escape with that, I'll Lightning Draw into Stuns and force the Escape while dishing out some major damage. A common combo is to go into their spin with Pinwheel to regain a bit of Chi, SS out, then throw a timed boomerang for the KD and come back in with a Dash to Air Combo.
-At the start of the duel most Destroyers like to leap towards you, know that you can either Q/E when they get close to you and then stun them from behind when their dash ends OR you can interrupt it mid-air with your boomerang if you have it spec'd to KD. They'll look like they're trying to jump to you and midway, they slammed their face into a tree-branch #priceless
-When Destroyers summon a rock shield to block an on-coming attack, you can use Q/E to get around behind them, much like a fight with a BM, and stun them. Alternatively, you can just wait it off. A good destroyer will save this shield for when they see the boomerang coming or when they see you dash in. Don't get baited. Your X dash will be able to break the shield as well as Dazzing and Knocking them into the air, if you have it spec'd for it. As it counts as 5 hits, so it can burn through the shield.
-Every time you get KD'd, make sure to roll out or Counter. Note that if you counter, you can get Bodylocked. So use it only when you see them about to slam your face with their axe or something along those lines.
LBD vs. Assassin
Easily the most annoying fight for us, but something that isn't so well known to most LBDs is that it's also one of the most annoying fights for the Asssassin as well. A good Sin will continuously counter and hide themselves, only attacking with lightning from stealth and constantly evading you. Don't attack into their counters, stop their attacks with Pinwheel. Without any knowledge of this fight, you can be 100-0'd without even touching the Sin's HP, albeit a few Pinwheels. So let me shower you with knowledge in the Tips & Tricks section!
Tips & Tricks:
-You can see them in hide. I know so many people who don't take advantage of this or don't know how to. Sure, when they're hidden, they get a huge evasion buff. Hitting them isn't the real advantage here, it's seeing them. Look at my next point.
-Don't spam your Pinwheel like a machine when the Sin goes into hide. Try to time it for when they are about to attack. You can tell this by how they move in hide, Sins will attempt to get behind you for a backstab or approach you aggressively.
-When in hide an Assassin can throw shurikens at you, if you use Pinwheel to parry them, you can stun the Assassin. Wait at their location until Hide runs out and follow up with your Air Combo. And yes, you can see the shurikens even though they throw them from hide, just make sure you watch closely as they are a fast projectile.
-Learn the animations of their counter skills, much like your fight with a KFM, it revolves around you being patient and not attacking into them. Forcing them to use their other CDs to hide and stun you helps tremendously.
-This fight is the only time I'll ever say this: when the Assassin pops out of hide to attack you, release all of your pent-up urges and spam your Pinwheel. Do the same if the Sin stuns you and proceeds to use lightning attacks from behind to DPS, use Escape on the stun and spam that Pinwheel! Once they've gotten themselves stunned on parry, follow up with your own combo. If they have no escapes left, use your Lightning Draw.
-This fight is the only one where you need to heavily rely on your Pinwheel to counter their engages. Don't let yourself be caught picking daisies in the middle of a Sin fight, they will completely annihilate you if you aren't alert enough to counter ALL of their engages.
Skill Specs:
Alright this section is going to be a bit rough because it is 100% from memory. I haven't memorized the named of all the skills, but I have memorized almost all the skill paths and their descriptions. Please also remember that this is the way I play. It's spec'd for my play-style and they are many different ways to approach it. I'll list the skill points from most important to least, so that low level players can also follow this.
1st point in Escape (to be able to use it on KD/Groggy/Stuns)
2nd point in Pinwheel for the increased duration
3rd point in Pinwheel for the Parry
4th point in Pinwheel for the Stun on parry and Chi Recovery
5th point in Dash Attack for the reduced cost/dmg
6th point in Dash Attack for the Stun on Dash
7th point in Boomerang? (forget the name) for the dmg/cost
8th point in Boomerang for the KD
9th point in Lightning Draw for the reduced cost
10th point in Lightning Draw for extra damage on a KD'd opponent
11th point in Lightning Draw for the guaranteed crit on a KD'd opponent
12th point in Crescent Slash (your V, I forgot the name) for the reduced cost
13th point in Crescent Slash for the Pull
14th point in Crescent Slash for the CC
15th point in Lightning Flash for the reduced cost
16th point in Lightning Flash for either the Parry or the 2s stun
17th point in Lightning Flash for the Chi Gain/CD reset or the Electric Charge after using it
18th point in Electric Charge (forgot the name) for the increased damage to Lightning Flash
19th point in Pentaslash for the reduced cost
20th point in Pentaslash for the Daze
21st point in Pentaslash for the Knock-Up on Dazed targets
22nd point in Lightning Slash for the reduced cost
23rd point in Lightning Slash to change it into a 2s DPS skill
24th point in Whirling Blades for the reduced cost
25th point in Whirling Blades for the extra resists
26th point in Whirling Blades for the 10% hp recovery
After this point it's purely preference. I like to spec into Flicker/Blade Echo for the damage as well as finish off Lightning Slash with a 3rd point for the extra damage on stunned enemies. Another good path is to spec into Drain so that you can steal more Chi from your target as well as recovering HP. That's the beauty of Blade and Soul PvP, there is always more than one way to do something.
Anyways! Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you all learned something about the LBM class and I hope to see all of you in the Alpha/Beta/Release!
B&S Hype~
Chi-Management: The ability to use Chi efficiently rather than running out. Gain Chi at an equal or approximate rate as you consume it. Don't waste your skills.
KD: Knock-Down
CC: Crowd Control, anything that has to do with stunning/knockdowns/immobilization/etc.
DoT: Damage over Time skill
Sin: Asssassin
DPS: Damage Per Second, usually used in place of the words Fast Damage
LMB: Left Mouse-Button skill
RMB: Right Mouse-Button skill

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