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Issue 1


First of all, I'd like to say "ABOUT TIME" I have been waiting way too long for this game, a little disappointed about no actual healer class, but I can deal :(.

Being a female IRL, I only play female toons....My husband and many of my friends are guys who only play male toons.

I love the character creation, most elaborate creation I have seen, plenty of options to set myself apart......My husband and friends are less impressed with creation... "I have a choice between scrawny little d-bag and something slightly inhuman".

After looking through the male side of creation I have to agree...It seems this game is guilty of the same thing a lot of games are guilty of...they spent a lot of time and effort on the female toons and very little time on the male toon.

The Jin are built like teens, and the Gon...well, there is no fixing that with the options given....I don't think it is a issue that can be fixed, just want to let you know this will limit the player base considering the class/race locks in place(by a dozen or so dedicated male gamers that I know personally, which sucks because they are great players).


Issue 2



any of the 3 options screws the display...

it will:

minimize the display to a small window (800x600) or it will offset the window to the bottom right corner (only top left corner visible), mouse is locked into this area so have to kill the game to reset...


Issue 3


nothing major

The size comparison is nice, but having a size chart (height in ft/in) would be better e.g.: if average Jin height is 5'6", how tall is my toon...


Issue 4


Every once in a while I am in combat my toon will to a 180 turn and stop attacking. I mostly noticed this in areas that are heavy with trees or rocks. Not sure if it is a graphics glitch.


Issue 5


the Quest "Socket to Me"

it gives you the quest to add a Gem to you weapon but you do not receive a gem. I am not sure if it was a oversight or if the devs intended it that ay. Usually if it is a tutorial quest you receive the item you need to complete it.

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