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some Bugs and other Stuff

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1. Side Buttons on Mouse dont work for binding (Mouse Button 4+5)

2. Client process not found for OBS streaming software also for loading profiles on mouse or keyboard or something else

3. this is just a question.... how to setup for 120hz monitor i cant find options for this or startoption. this works automatic ?

4. stuck on terrain a few times most on a corner or if i jump on an enemy with something in front of him.

5. some emotes dont work and also for the emote quests like Applaud = Applause ! (Blademaster)

6. everything is fine with the rewards but i think it sucks a lil bit if i have to buy this stones to upgrade things coz there are not enough from quests or rewards. so i have to buy them and they are not cheap coz ppl craft them and always want more gold than i have farmed from lvl 1 to 30 so this sucks in my eyes.

7. its also lil bit crap to get just 1 copper for everthing u can sell (so white item 1 copper, blue item 1 copper, epic item 1 copper) in the first time u always have no money coz u have to upgrade your stuff buying stones, keys ..... later u need 2 gold for weapon upgrade and more.. at this point gold isnt a problem anymore coz u get more than enough gold from quest/dailys. So for my exp there was a hole at arround lvl 30 where i have to farm gold before i can go on with upgrades 

Edit 8. price for pots and all the stuff on trade npc 10silver for 1 pot welcome is to much from lvl 1 to 40 or overall this is shitty and makes this npc´s just useless


at least sorry for the bad english thats everything i found not a big thing in my eyes,

all the other Stuff works fine for me (lvl 44 close to 45 full epic, everything upgraded i just missed 2 upgrades at arround lvl 42 for earring and necklace coz there was not enough time XD)

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