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Gathering Quest Problem

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Hey guys,


maybe i found a Problem with the Looting quests.


You have to pick up arround 10 items ( Flowers, Rocks etc.).

The Problem is that when we say a Channel holds arround 100 Player or even more. Everyone wants 10 Items but there are only 10 or less  in the marked Areal. Lets say arround 500k People start on the same date 250k are on the same lvln speed. It will take hours of wating to get the items for all the players (party included). So maybe the Respawn rate should be boostet on release that every player can get the items in 1 hour or less ... 




I had to gather 6 ( dont know the right number right now ^^) Rocks in the Desert. In the marked area were only 4 of them (again dont know the right number ^^). i Got 6 Channels and on every Channel there were serveral people on the same situation. The only thing i could do was pressing the f button direct after the spawn of the rock (RIP f button) So it took me arround 1hour to get the damn stones. I had to battle with arround  30 other player.


(PS.: Sorry for the bad English ^^ i have my problems with grammar and so on :D)



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