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Kung Fu Master | Shin Kick Skill

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As a Kung Fu Master main I really love the 3(Shin Kick) -> LMB(Straight Jab) -> F(Cyclone Kick) combo. I've watched Korean players using it all the time. Finally being able to have less than 80 ping the dream has come true and I can finally do the loving "animation cancel" look with it. My only problem is, I think Shin Kick does not register fast enough. After testing it multiple times in PvE/PvP, a couple of times Shin Kick would not register and I would not get the notification to use Cyclone Kick. So, It's either I'm pressing my buttons too fast or it just doesn't register fast enough. I don't know.


For those who don't know:

Animation Canceling is when you see half the skill animation that is activated and you activate another skill animation that goes over it. Destroyers also have an animation cancel with LMB and RMB.

You'll understand when you see it. Also, you don't often hear the sound effects of the skill when you animation cancel. EX: destroyers RMB makes a loud smashing noise and KFM's Shin Kick makes a noise like you broke someones bone or something.


UPDATE: Never mind! Im just a noober and like to press keys really fast because Im used to lag from the asian servers.

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