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Orvid King

Mouse Sensitivity Settings too Coarse

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The mouse sensitivity settings in Game->Camera->Blade & Soul Mode->Camera X-Axis Speed, and the Camera Y-Axis Speed currently are very coarse, and the lowest two settings are 1 and 10. The UI should allow setting values anywhere in-between as well, rather than just snapping to specific values. Perhaps this could be achieved by allowing the user to enter a number explicitly as well as the slider?


1 is also still too high for me to play comfortably, as my mouse is at 1200dpi, and I cannot change that. With a setting of 1, I turn a full 360 degrees while moving my mouse 6 inches or so. As I started as an FPS gamer, I'm used to a 360 of twice that size, and it would be nice if I could get that without having to lower my mouse sensitivity in Windows (which is a massive pain).

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