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Gamepad implementation and general UI woes

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So, I've been playing with gamepad to see how it works and so far I'm fairly happy with the implementation aside from one thing: Menu/UI navigation.


Navigating menus with the gamepad is pretty obnoxious due to the fact there's a plethora of button combinations to remember. I find myself often looking down at the menu buttons to see what the shortcut is, thinking it would be much faster to just use my mouse. It's simply not snappy. Obviously, this should not be the case. In my opinion, this issue mainly lies with the many menus available to the user at the bottom of the screen. Each of which requires a button combination to remember. I'm counting 15 buttons. This means I have to (basically) remember 15 button combinations, along with the button combinations of all my skills. A nightmare. Maybe there could be some sort of navigation menu to quickly open/close the plethora of menus available? Something akin to Final Fantasy XIV's gamepad navigation menu comes to mind.


Frankly speaking, I don't know of many MMOs that handle gamepad implementation in a good way. But I strongly believe Blade and Soul is on the right path of doing so, if the team would just tackle the few nuisances currently in the way. 


While not a bug report per se, I felt like this needed to be addressed since gamepad implementation is new to the Western version and not many people have experienced it. Apologies if this not the right medium to communicate this on.

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