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Game crash after 2 minutes running (error 4044)

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As topic title said, i've do a ticket with my errors report, and i'll past it to get better chances for anwsers..


"Hello, as said in ticket title, i have get my access to Alpha last night, and after downloading client with not probleme and running game with no probleme either, after 2 minutes of running my game "quit" with the white screen with logo blade and soul, as i have click on "Quit" button but no ! and that do also when im in loading bar.. after game closed, 30/40 sec i got a pop up on my screen and that said me :





Waiting for any clue about that, ive try running, as admin, without my antivirus protection, microsoft defender, removed, GameGuard folder and reinstalling it.. no fix at this time.


PS : Otherwise, sorry for my poor, n badly english talk.. im french guy :) , i'll do my best to answer to your replies

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