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  1. For anyone who is having performance problems with the game the Blade and Soul team are requesting some information from you to help pin point the performance problem areas. If you could please send us your DXdiag and a quick description of what you were doing, and where you were seeing the performance hits. As Always thank you for your feedback How to get your DXdiag 1. Open your start menu and perform a search for “DX Diag” 2. Select and open DXDiag tool 3. Click the “Save all Information” button on the bottom of that tool. 4. Save anywhere that you can access it. How to Submit your DX Diag to Support 1. Navigate to the forums by following this link: and sign in by click in on the “sign In” button on the top right hand side of the screen. 2. Click on the “Support Site” button in the middle of the screen a. or Follow this link: 3. Click on the “Submit a Ticket” text. 4. Select "Gameplay Issues" in the dropdown 5. Enter "performance problems", "DXdiag", or both in the title of the ticket 6. Follow the onscreen instructions and fill out any relevant information in the Description box. 7. Add your DXdiag and any other attachments by dragging them on the Add/ drop files here section in the Attachments section. 8. Click Submit.