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  1. I wish we could check the build numbers after creation! Would love to clone her face! For some reason all my jins end with the face weird ; ; Now waiting the 7 days to delete my current jin and try again. ; ;
  2. Whoa! Hot and with well-balanced body! Thumbs up to your assassin! ^^
  3. This! Let ppl make the character they way they want! ^^
  4. Indeed! That's why i pointed out skimpy outfits would be only available for those with boobs (adult-looking body). Adding skimpy outfits to current Lyn bodies may bring "complications".
  5. I support bigger boobs! Let it jiggle! I also support boobs options to Lyn. Not everyone likes their beastgirls loli. I would love giving mine some decent boobs! <3 Off-topic but i also support skimpy gear to Lyns that happen to choose growing boobs too!
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