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  1. Nope, it's a RPG, a story-oriented game. Having PvP content doesn't change it and those who don't like PvP shouldn't be forced into it. Forcing people who don't like it into PvP only dimishes the overall quality of PvP content for those who like it. In the end it's a very poor design choice that damages the overall game fun for both types of players.
  2. Seriously...whoever had the idea of tying a key item to PvP content should be fired ASAP! It's not fun for those who doesn't like PvP (in my case, hate it with passion) because you're forced to do faction dailies and have to deal with people that wanna PvP (and assholes PK'ing players at lower areas) and not fun for those who like it either because one willing for a PvP match wouldn't really be looking forward to easy kills on people w/o PvP build that was doing dailies because was forced to. I started faction stuff only yesterday due the surge of need of soulstones imp
  3. I wish we could check the build numbers after creation! Would love to clone her face! For some reason all my jins end with the face weird ; ; Now waiting the 7 days to delete my current jin and try again. ; ;
  4. Whoa! Hot and with well-balanced body! Thumbs up to your assassin! ^^
  5. This! Let ppl make the character they way they want! ^^
  6. Indeed! That's why i pointed out skimpy outfits would be only available for those with boobs (adult-looking body). Adding skimpy outfits to current Lyn bodies may bring "complications".
  7. I support bigger boobs! Let it jiggle! I also support boobs options to Lyn. Not everyone likes their beastgirls loli. I would love giving mine some decent boobs! <3 Off-topic but i also support skimpy gear to Lyns that happen to choose growing boobs too!
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