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  1. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    This is really getting out of hand. Last week it was maybe a handful a day when you logged in.. now I have burned through my block list (only 50 really?) and am still getting spammed heavily.. by the same accounts. There is really nothing to stop this? at least mute somebody in a chat if they are posting that much in chat in a certain amount of time. This shouldn't be a hard thing to stop.
  2. Server down or crashed ?

    Who will feed my kitty?
  3. Server down or crashed ?

    That was gonna be the dungeon run I finally got my weapon upgrade...RAWR give me stuff! ^.^
  4. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    You really need to ease off this at least for a few days. Locking people in to high population servers for a week just means the queues will not get much better any time soon. I made a new character on one of the newer servers and loved getting right in to play the game. I have another level 20 character I want to delete and just start fresh on the new server but being forced to wait 7 days is illogical at this stage in the process. You need to give people a week or so to figure out where they want to be before locking them in.
  5. Thank You!

    In all the negativity I just wanted to say thank you to the team here for bringing over Blade & Soul. I have really enjoyed the game and story so much! Also a big shout out for the new servers. I made a new character earlier today and got right in.. and even now just came back queue was very reasonable only had to wait a few minutes.
  6. Anything that will allow more people to play the game will be helpful. I am planning on deleting my second player and rolling on a new server when its available. I'm sure they other server queues will become more reasonable in a week or so at least I would be able to play until then.
  7. What's up with this DOWNTIME?

    Servers are going down at 4am PST and they are adding 4 additional servers for NA. So maybe wait until tomorrow morning if you arent in queue already.