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  1. Im just gonna say 2 things: 1-Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn/Heavensward. 2-Upcoming Black Desert Online. ;)
  2. Are you serious?

    You are right, i've got premium and now i only have to wait 1 hour to play!.....
  3. Server Transfer

    Ok, here what i think, NCSoft want us to get desperated about Queues, this way we'll end up paying for Premium, which at the same time will result on a very long premium queue. I gotta say i got the 7 days premium pack, just to see how long the queues were, i've been waiting for 15 minutes, and seems i'lll be waiting for a while still. i'm loving this game, but not the way its being managed. I had a really bad experience with NCSoft when they gave EU Aion online to the crappy Gameforge. They dont seem to learn...
  4. Are you serious?

    Im just gonna quit the game until they fix this... You are #2099 in the Non-Premium Queue. Estimated wait time: 604 min. its like... ok im not playing this game today. Blade & Soul ----- Free-to-play (if you are lucky to connect to the server...)
  5. Queue is BS!!!

    The game is basically UNPLAYABLE AT NIGHTS. 40+mins to connect.... what on earth....