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  1. This man got it right and Lata. Why scaling old content to 55 if we only get lvl 50 stuff as reward. Only the new stuff should have been scaled to 55 (because there we get equipment that corresponds to the scaling). For old players this scaling is not a problem but for the newer ones.
  2. EU Server: Serious lag issues on evenings

    Add me to the list. Got the same problem...
  3. You buy the Jyansei Jackpot chest (or something similar) in Hongmoon store for 0 NCoins. You can always open the next stage after 10 hours. At last stage you get a outfit + head adorment. The chest has 10 stages. For the blood rain outfit + accessory you get them by doing daily event and changing the event tokens with the stuff in Dragonexpress store. For having the full set you need 65 event tokens and if you have luck only 55 (because the blindfold can drop from event daily treasure chest).

    Didn't do any of the big 6 yesterday. What precisly did change to make them harder?
  5. Show off your characters!!

    You can buy it now. It's in Store
  6. Upcoming Skill Changes

    A couple enemies have old skills availble. For example a npc BM (i think Ebondrake BMs) can use the skill Dive bomb (which doesn't exists anymore)
  7. what happened to Blademasters?

    The only problem i have with WLs are the ones in TOI. They always know when to block to stun me^^
  8. My thought on the Soul Badge event.

    To much Oktoberfest ^^
  9. Anyone know where to get this weapon?

    Should be Moonwater plains
  10. Today's Special missing Costumes

    It will come in the following weeks ( I think when they finally remove blackwyrm)
  11. Damn did you kiss RNGesus ass to get this? ^^
  12. Hello, i have drawed something that should explain why it let spam low ping player skill faster and why it helps high ping player to get a normal (as intended from the developers) gameplay. My first image explains it for low ping players: My second image explains it for high ping players: The red vertical lines on the ping line represents the ping of a low player. The red vertical lines on the "skill-global-cool-latency-time" line represents the skill global cooldown player. Now this isn't to 100% how it works and I don't know how the delays are processed. Only NCSoft knows how it works. PS: Sry about my english (it's not really good)
  13. I mom at work. At home i will try to explain it with a image (but take it with a grain of salt because i'm not 100% sure if it works this way)
  14. this xml editing will not reduce your ping but the time your inputs that will be send to the server. It's not reducing ping.
  15. The Spring Treasure Trove / Question

    Infos about Spring Trove are online: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/spring-treasure-trove/
  16. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Got another question: What happens with the remains of Gameguard? Will NCSoft remove it or must we do the cleaning?
  17. The Spring Treasure Trove / Question

    Seems so that we get only infos after the update is finished...
  18. soul badge for BM

    I know but i don't think you will find enough tokens for 70 badges^^
  19. soul badge for BM

    But isn't magnung badge at the moment impossible to get? Because it needs fury tokens and at the moment we have triumph season. (And damn i hate ToI)
  20. True Yeti Ring, True Scorpio Earring and True Python Necklace are all upgraded stuff from Hongmoon accessories. You can't get them anymore
  21. Get Siren(or was it Pirate) Belt or Pirate Bracelet or both and lvls them up to max for 30 leg jewels
  22. Ping Reducer gives BAN?

    Nope. I myself using WTFast and don't have any problem
  23. Upcoming Skill Changes

    It exists only on targets that are airbourne (while you do the first aircombo click tab to grab them)
  24. No Grappling?

    The "TAB"-Grab skill was removed. KFM has another grab skill but for that you need an airbourne target.
  25. Some changes we need in Celestial Basin

    Better. Change the mobs to mini bosses that need mechanics to kill them