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  1. You took that as a personal attack? A bit thin skinned there bud. I will drop this though.
  2. Anyone else getting heavy lag?

    There is not a day that goes by that I do not lag while playing this gem. There is also not a day that goes by that I don't have at least a few other people in parties I am in also complain about the lag. You are not alone. It is not on your end.
  3. I betcha my left nut he is one of those wackadoos that is in ssp ALL DAY LONG.
  4. They have to keep the moonstone supply as low as possible. This guarantees more people waste more money on the next trove.
  5. Server lag issue

    Your logic fails. When the game had 2 million players they didn't put forth any effort to resolve the issue.
  6. BnS Guide to Fix Lag and FPS Problems

    This "guide" is drivel. I can play ANY other online game with no issues. It isn't my ISP. It isn't my settings. Its the god damned game and its hamster driven servers. End of story.
  7. Server lag issue

    I suffer from the same lag. The company is not interested in resolving these problems. I won't speculate as to the reason. I guess they don't like money. How else can you explain their blatant disregard for the complaints that have been going on since launch.
  8. I do not have a solution to offer you. Your friend is not alone though. I experience this type of lag constantly. I use wtfast and the difference is very minimal. I have no issues with any other online game. There were more people that had this issue that were vocal about it over the last few months. They are gone now. I only play as I stupidly decided to spend money on the game assuming the issues would be resolved over time. Big mistake on my part.
  9. Is it worth coming back?

    The main theme of this post and the question posed by the OP was: Is this game worth coming back to? I provided him with a response that is my opinion. I was not mean. I did not provide nonsense information. It is widely known this game is poorly optimized/lags. Spam is apparent daily. Although I do agree they have made some progress on the bot situation I still think it is still pretty out of control.
  10. Is it worth coming back?

    Your opinion means no more than any other opinion. There was no need to devalue the posts of other people at the end of your post.
  11. Is it worth coming back?

    Bots. Spam. Extremely poor optimization. Insane lag. No. Do yourself a favor and play something else.
  12. SPAMMER Completely Out of control

    Yea the spam sucks. Throwing all these wonderful people together has also transformed faction chat into a rotting cesspool of teenage drivel.
  13. [new player] Moonstones?

    Um er..I officially remove my nuts from the table. I am also going to run and hide as I made my point above.
  14. [new player] Moonstones?

    I am sure skilled players with good connection could indeed kill Naksun at 400 AP. The reality is a lot of people do not have a good connection to the game. I would bet my left nut that anyone who does this also has experience with the game previously to do this. The bottom line is this is not attainable by the majority of brand new players.
  15. Please add another way of obtaining moonstones!

    I guess you guys didn't watch the stream. They are adding moonstone drops to floors 14 and 15 in Mushins tower.