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  1. You took that as a personal attack? A bit thin skinned there bud. I will drop this though.
  2. I betcha my left nut he is one of those wackadoos that is in ssp ALL DAY LONG.
  3. They have to keep the moonstone supply as low as possible. This guarantees more people waste more money on the next trove.
  4. This "guide" is drivel. I can play ANY other online game with no issues. It isn't my ISP. It isn't my settings. Its the god damned game and its hamster driven servers. End of story.
  5. Um er..I officially remove my nuts from the table. I am also going to run and hide as I made my point above.
  6. I am sure skilled players with good connection could indeed kill Naksun at 400 AP. The reality is a lot of people do not have a good connection to the game. I would bet my left nut that anyone who does this also has experience with the game previously to do this. The bottom line is this is not attainable by the majority of brand new players.
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