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  1. Thought I'd re-post a better picture compared to the first i took way earlier after first creating a character. Costume Back Costume Front Shunichi the Ninja Assassin! Edited to add in a close up cause closeup's are awesome!
  2. IKR, i've been in queue since i left it on and afk'd in morning and now it went from #3000 to like #260 so close...but it got soooooo slow at #500 and below :(
  3. Same i'll add you when i get in :) IGN: Shunichi
  4. What server though? :o Nice lyn :)
  5. Dam enjoying all the scenery and cute loli characters while i wait to log on :) I'm pretty close now only #288 from #3000 in the morning when i left the game on.
  6. Don't worry, i've played many MMO's before and i've seen similar issues or just issue's in general at publishers' first launch. It's only been barely 48 hours since they launched open beta officially. I guarantee you in a month's time queue won't be this bad or ridiculous :) Then we will get to play lots anytime we want to instead of waiting forever.
  7. Cute character :) also don't worry too much keep trying or keep the game on; you will move up the list "eventually". I think that the queue issue will die down eventually, especially once they find a way to stop the influx of bots and restart servers for the afk-kick feature.
  8. Mine looks around constantly and looks like he's half constipated or something haha. I think he's pretty bored too :) Also great scenery indeed!
  9. Yes, for sure character creation is probably the part i spent a ridiculous time on. I spent around 30 minutes on mine getting everything perfect haha sounds silly i know. Btw nice Lyn :)
  10. What server might i ask? I'm on Jiwan; not yet sure how it works in this game, is it like the standard server only or game-wide? I read how some instances or market-related tools are across all servers, except it's not confirmed for me since i haven't been able to get in the game yet (waiting on Queue).
  11. No you can use a simple program like Puush (which you can google and download to install for free) to take a screenshot of your game in fullscreen or even parts of the screen. Then you just post the link to your screenshot that is auto copied to your clipboard when you take the screenshot :) Hope this helps!
  12. That reminds me, i spent around 30 minutes or so customizing my character, since I'm pretty big on character customization. I was pleasantly surprised to find they have a male counterpart of their essentially loli races haha (called the Lyn race in here). I've played many games before where i found it odd how the short/animal races in game are only female. I probably will make a Summoner Male Lyn in the future after i enjoy the game with my main right now :)
  13. Yes many nice characters including yours!
  14. Thank you :) I'm sure the game will great and fun once you get in to play. I remember wanting to play it years ago when it first launched in Korea but it was regionally locked at the time, then i forgot about it until a friend in the recent closed beta told me about it! I was pretty surprised at first but I'm more-so excited now to try it out.
  15. No shirt for the ladies :) Jokes, haven't been able to get in to play yet, which explains my utter lack of shame and shirt of course!
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