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  1. Thanks >.> i had no clue you had to click an option just to get in -.-
  2. Im level 45 with true siren and i did the follow up quests to it and have all 4 dailys in the tower and it wont let me enter the first room where the boss is just the connected one >.> anyone know why?
  3. They have it in chinese bns so it will be here eventually >.> dont expect ncsoft to listen to you or anyone either since from what i have seen on their previous mmos.
  4. Do what tera did and make it 5 levels below max level and make the scroll cost $50. I bought lots of them with ingame currency for my 13 alts there and i would here simply because leveling up 7 alts to 45 is a massive pain with a lot of grinding and general player pains that i would prefer to skip.
  5. Maybe their like elins in tera >.> they just come into existence from magicalness lol Or maybe they are futanaris >.> i prefer futanaris >.> google it.
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