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  1. Do You Think Hackers Will Flood The Tournament?

    Its because they need some sort of program in my opinion that gives them the opportunity to say were actively getting rid of them. Otherwise they would have nothing to fall back on when it was proven that they arnt actually banning or even detecting the majority of bots and hackers. They say they ban 100 a week but they have over 2 million accounts in bns now and lets be honest a mere 100 a week probably only gets 1 or 2 hackers and its nothing to the bot numbers.
  2. I sure do. Im even going to watch it all to see what happens. And lets not be coy and say there arn't an ungodly number of NA/EU hackers in bns atm. You can also say this is a kind of flame post but its more like im pointing out a massive problem that wont be fixed. So i want your guys opinions. Do you think that they will be able to keep it hacker free or will they flood the tournament and show off just how many there are? Last time i checked there were a lot and i mean a lot of hackers in platinum alone with the lower ranks being almost pure bot/hacker ruled.
  3. Nc doesnt care if people pay, They ban accounts that spent over a thousand dollars by accident every day.
  4. Blade and Soul Gearscore v3.1 BIG NA UPDATE

    Sounds cool but it will probably get a massive number of people hacked and then charged for hundreds of dollars because of how poor ncsofts security is. To bad for Na/Eu bnsers.
  5. One thing us Americans are well known for is suing people or company's with next to no case and winning :D Anyone who does have a case is basically screwed lol
  6. Fun topic to read. For you 2 that were arguing earlier sure people are stupid and i agree that some need to have common sense but ncsoft needs some common sense to. Currently they can hack your account, change your email, change/remove your pin and remove your authenticator with out even having to log into your email and that's a fact. Ncsoft should have had the common sense to implement normal security measures that don't allow you to do that like every single other legit online games company i have ever heard of. Personally from my experience reading the forums since launch i have seen the hacking evolve from simple hacks and stealing gold all the way to them charging people hundreds or thousands of dollars when its impossible to have all of the info to be able to do that so in my opinion its clear that something somewhere has been compromised. Not only that but ncsofts horrid support and basic refusal to refund clearly stolen money is borderline criminal that will screw them over if they don't get serious. Of course this is all assuming that they are a serious company that actually wants a good game and its not a cash grab. If it was a cash grab kinda thing they will never fix anything. Plus from their botting and hacking problems in their previous games from the looks of things they are at the very least in no rush to do what any company with common sense would do before they get sued. The i was so hopeful for this game and willing to give ncsoft a second chance thinking maybe they will do it right this time unlike their previous ultra p2w games etc but all i have seen is one mess up after another. I still have hope mind you but they are treading a fine line between lazy and a serious problem that will get worse if they don't fix things. Of course everything is just speculation on my part from reading the forums to an insane degree since launch and for all i know the op was a troll trying to incite people against ncsoft which i have seen before in other games to the point where the op was proven to have hacked or cheated himself. But that's just my thoughts.
  7. I played a lot of mmos in the past and have never been hacked. BnS is the first one where i personally don't trust ncsoft to do their job or even say what really happened. Also no i haven't been hacked here. I have been on the forums since launch and the amount of posts i have read is insane to be honest and from what i have seen not only does ncsoft not know how to code their game (as in you hack stuff from your client and nothing in their servers counters it from what i have seen) and their security is absolutely horrible on site and ingame. That with all the bugs and bots etc and their past reactions and posts to things in bns and their previous games at least tells me that someone is going to file a lawsuit against them sooner or later because of these charges worth hundreds of dollars and horrible support. I still have hope mind you but at this point my hope that they either know what to do or know what they are doing is fading fast, Also if someone bothered to count the exact number of people who said they were hacked in all the hacked forum posts im sure it would add up to thousands if not more and that probably only like 10% - 20% of them. In my opinion Ncsoft is walking a fine line of bankruptcy and serious jail time if they really are as incompetent as i have personally seen and really need to get on the ball with this stuff before they *cricket* off the wrong person. Im in the usa personally but i know eus laws for this kinda stuff decently well and i can almost guarantee they would lose a case like that just the way things are right now. I shall keep hoping though ^.^
  8. Its called pay for convenience. You have no clue what p2w is if you think bns is p2w. P2w in spending 1,000 hrs in game and having the best stuff that gets slaughtered by someone who spent a few bucks. Add in Aions "Oh noes you can only get max level healing potions with money" aspect with it and you get super p2w. Learn what your talking about before blabbering nonsense next time. Or at least look it up in the dictionary.
  9. Common sense and the knowledge of some mystical art called server lag. You miss a few seconds literally.
  10. Read the one i put up a milasecond before you did lol
  11. Its 30 mins but it starts the second you use it being 29:59 so you never see the 30 min and it doesn't show seconds. Also i agree with emperium if you didn't figure that out.
  12. I have no clue how i hit this but tada. Anyone else ever find a invisible wall that clearly didn't belong there?
  13. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    Its a nice thought but it will never happen. Blade and soul isn't a mmo its a fighting game really and if you remove animation canceling you basically destroy every class. Kfm for example would go from the hardest class to master to absolute garbage that couldn't even kill a npc. Also keep in mind this is a korean mmo and nothing you ever say will change any of the game play or mechanics. Hell the actual main bns is literally pure p2w to the point of where you need thousands of dollars to get the best weapon in the game etc. Also there's no chance they will even consider it because it will ruin them as an esport which makes them who know hows many millions. Lastly ani canceling requires skill and isnt just button mashing because you not only need rhythm and reflex's but you also need to monitor every move the enemy makes and counter it with your own the split second it happens. If they removed it the game would be dead and the classes would be laughably imbalanced with no real way to rebalance them without doubling or tripling the base skills and no one wants to combo 20 or 30+ skills just to do some damage.
  14. A Look At GameGuard

    This was an interesting read. Nc should get another security program that is good preferably server based and that would probably fix the entire botting/hacking/banning problem in 1 shot.
  15. Bots want to friend me now

    Just got a friend request from a bot whos name was literally buysitenamegoldnow. Site name being a replacement for their sites name. So this is great went from spamming to mailing now friending me oh goodie. Psst...I was being sarcastic if that wasn't obvious. Anywho now i will have to turn down gold sellers friend requests in addition to blocking sellers mails cause i cant delete them and then reporting the spammers in the chats who spam a message every second every time i log in to my account or any alts. Thats fun...