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  1. Character Info bugged in F8

    I would really love this to get fixed as soon as possible because I'm for one a full VT geared person just because of my HM 13 people assume I'm low geared because they cannot see my F2.. and I can't like link them my items unless we go inside and this has been troublesome for quite 2 weeks now.
  2. Patch notes, no fix for 30 jewel quest?

    They changed the 30 jewel reward with raven soul shield part 4 and 5.
  3. Show off your characters!!

    Gon Soul fighter, Lynn Force master, Jin Gunslinger and my Jin Warden.
  4. Character Info bugged in F8

    I have the exact same problem in my Main gunner, and none of the other alts is affected by this, even Bnstree couldn't show my character info because of this.
  5. Good news dps meter in next patch ^^

    This, lololol.
  6. There are also the SSP Bots roaming around for few weeks with all the botting reports I sent, they still around and fine, their names starts with CG they must be special ones in Cardinal Gates.
  7. Server Faction and Pop EU.Help please

    Well I would say it`s kinda balanced where I play in Cardinal gates, like Both sides have their chance of owning a channel to do the mining or even the Elder in the faction camps at times, sometimes it`s even a war to keep up with the mining and the opposite side trying to do the Quarries worries.
  8. Keeps happening with me as well, funny as you can move, you can also see the others moving around and even chatting, yet you can`t do anything which ends on a (1000)(132,10054) disconnected from server error.