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  1. they said they invistagete it lets hope tomorows maintaince all wil lbe ok else they wil lgot 1m ticket with requesting items back, n trust me they dont want that ^^^
  2. they never going to change we r the stupid ones which we paying them n we getting this sh1t back.... im speechless
  3. they answer us 7 mins ago that they checking it out to have patience n etc "Hello everyone, We are currently looking into the SystemErr 200 authentication issues. Hang tight while we get to the bottom of it and we appreciate your patience during this time. " at least someone bother to to say smth rofl
  4. and why eatime the EU servers have the dammit problem? shouldn't they fix it at the 1st place?
  5. seriously I was in and i had dc n now I got this stupid error the servers are online 54mins ago n now we got dc again what's exactly u fixed on non 3,45min with exetended maint? nothing? that's mean ea u maint u need 8h for modifications? this is realy abad joke omg ML Windrest
  6. we constantly having dcs from cross server purple ( challenge) dungeons what exactly are u doing? im just wondering, and can u fix it plz regards ML Windrest
  7. I got to redl 9,3giga and I dotn get wtf its wrong its update imdoing in tiume so what exactly they fixed no clue
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