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  1. Just wtf... i was on queue 3hrs... wanted to do some dungeons for quests... used cross server lobby... but then i got dc.... and now i need to wait in queue AGAIN. Pls fix all bugs.... its annoying... Alot of players will leave this game becouse of this bugs... queues(ok "new"game), dcs, servers goes down each day.... how long they made this game? 5years? And still so many huge bugs.
  2. I dont play alot of mmo games but i like loot system like Tera... everyone who have better score wins the stuff... and done... not this.... u waste ur money only if u want to get stuff.... and its annoying how long this takes if another person also want to get that stuff... :D
  3. Well Eu servers work.... im now in queue... still sucks but yea...
  4. Well i was traying to get pt in lobby and game kicked me out from game... so im again in queue.
  5. after PIn nothing... few mins ago game disconnected me...
  6. Servers down again ? :) Just disconnected.
  7. Well... im still waiting... 5hrs was waiting till game just shut down without reason.... i came back and again needed to wait... #1538 its about 2-3hrs. atleast i know when there isnt queue so i can play without waiting something :) but now its a nightmare.
  8. Annoying.... I was waiting like 4-5hrs or even more... then i got dc and now im waiting queue again. I like this game... alot, but sometimes.... Lets hope they will fix this game so we all can play game like we should be.
  9. Well im also now waiting queue... lets see if i will get the same message.
  10. In all servers u will need to wait... but i still would join where is more players.
  11. Welll this is more pvp game, but i agree with u... i saw 1 guy who was just camping next gate waiting low enemy players and killed them all... that really sucks... but like i said its a pvp game... atleast almost everyone says that... welll would be just fine if they made some pvp hrs or pvp areas.
  12. And yes Queue is REAL. waiting till i can again play :):D
  13. If thats for me.... then i read news.... im just wondering if they can make server status forum like Tera where u can se if servers are off or on... that would be nice.
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