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  1. Did you try to turn off Auto Global Cooldown ( now that you mentioned bnsbuddy)? I have similar ping and having it ON completely messes my rotations on KFM.
  2. Why is Q/E/SS so unresponsive?

    Also keep in mind that Q and E has 0.2 cast time, you might think it isn't much, but hell it is enough to screw some escape/evade possibilities if cast too late.
  3. Ebon Hall NOOOO

    Heads up, looks like server is up
  4. Ebon Hall NOOOO

    Oh great, another 3 hours of waiting, this shit pises me off
  5. Ebon Hall NOOOO

    Well, I didn't have much of the choice at the start, all servers were overpopulated except this one, now after making some friends here I don't want to change it.
  6. [Mushin's Tower] Please Address Junghado

    LBD Here, Beat him 3 times during last 3 days with true profane and infernal jewelry. No problem so far, there's enough Resists for all of his moves.
  7. FPS

    Sooooo, I am not alone with this problem? Dropped to 50 fps from my standard 90-120 fps.