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  1. People with offensive names ...

    I hope you're sarcastic.
  2. Just laughed a bit

    P2W implies there's no possible other way than to PAY to WIN
  3. BNS Became P2W !

    Having tons of gold doesn't really matter in this game since there come a point you simply have nothing more to buy with it. If it was a player driven economy like Dofus & Wakfu or EVE then I would understand because money is directly linked to power and mean you can buy and control more over other.
  4. Almost as Toxic as League.

    What was said before "stfu" ?

    I find sprint speed fine but sprint time could be increase though. Even only an extra 5 seconds would be more satisfying. Probably only for a while, but it would anyway.

    I don't want mount, no. Some games have mounts and it's great, this one absolutely don't need them.
  7. BNS Became P2W !

    Pay to Win is getting advantage by paying money for things that are not available otherwise. Paying to get money is not pay to win because any one can get the money in game too. The golden revitalizer on the cash shop could be considered pay to win because there' no other way to get it other than cash shop (and event that award one) but out of that it's an item and effect unavailable in the game on its own. Money is available to everyone at anytime. You can farm for money in many different way. People that buy money from other player get that money faster. People that play 12 hours a day get that money faster, people that flips items on the market get that money faster people who sell ERP or nudes get that money faster, people that are lucky and get a good drop get money faster than others.
  8. Poisons are super confusing

    The skill description translation are a mess. We only have 1 poison but three way to apply it. Check the skills there to clear confusion https://bnstree.com/SU
  9. I need to know if Summoner tank nerf was intentional.

    Go read the korean patch notes if you think they lie http://bns.plaync.com/news/updateall/article/4366
  10. Probably because the RNG boxes in hongmoon store give tons of field repair tools.
  11. How to make profile picture a GIF in game?

    rename your gif to jpg
  12. Give a Formal Statement About Summoner Changes

    It's working ok. The only "bug" we had in NA is that the changes weren't added to the patch notes like they were in Korean. http://bns.plaync.com/news/updateall/article/4366 Go down to 직업 > 소환사 for summoner skill change list. Doom n Bloom (Morning glory) it was changed so that absorption only comes from the initial target '나팔꽃흡수' 무공의 피해량 흡수 효과가 타깃에게만 적용되도록 변경하였습니다. They fixed an issue that cat would keep aggro after taunt was over. '웅크리기' 3급 2초식 무공 시간이 종료된 이후에도 '도발' 효과가 지속되는 문제를 수정하였습니다.
  13. Ncsoft's "security" system

    NCsoft always claimed they had fine security. It was obvious it is not in 2010 when hundred of accounts got stolen because of a login bug on aion forum that made people land in random account and were able to change verification email without the password. Few hundred of accounts were stolen that way, even people that weren't playing aion. NCSoft always claimed it was hacker with password lists.
  14. Toxicism Is it like discrimination against toxins?
  15. Stop the costume in RNG Box

    is there anything else to do?
  16. Right now it's 1:60 to buy coins A few days ago it was 1:100 for Ncoins (which are superior to hongmoon) It will maybe be 1:50 in the next few days But I doubt it will go much further down than maximum 1:30 for the simple reason that hongmoon coins are completely worthless
  17. I spent my hongmoon coin because the hongmoon store is crap anyway and got nothing but repair tool. which make no sense since they're listed kinda low in the list but were always dropping 100% of the time.
  18. 900ncoin for 10gold is pretty much the rate was last week. It started to raise a bit in the last 4 days. When I logged off yesterday it was 1.5gold for 100 ncoins. My problem now is that I sold my NCoin thinking I was buying them. but that's entirely my fault for going too fast. But also the interface and wording is confusing. Took me a while to realize the interface was made to sell gold instead of buying ncoin. While the result is the same, I went there with the idea of buying, not selling so it was awkward when it asked me to set a price in ncoin.
  19. let others races play summoner

    Only if we can have lyn Destroyer
  20. GameGuard is gone - now the game is full of bots

    Game has been full of hackers and bots for years and gameguard never stopped them. Having it off changes absolutely nothing.
  21. Divebomb

    Kinda always been stupid to do so anyway. That's like paying for early access on steam and expect them to do anything after you've given them money for doing nothing.
  22. P2W?

    Pay 2 win depend of your perception of it. Some people only see p2w as stats so anything else isn't p2w to them. An item that gives you extra life and prevent your from dying isn't p2w for some, but it is for other. The guy buying item with extra stats see those stats as a convenience and unless you can convince him that his extra stats are inconvenient he wont change his mind. Same goes for everything else.
  23. Fabric/General Questions

    In our version we can only salvage outfit from the Cash Shop.
  24. Steam Greenlight

    Looks like lineage 2 is also on steam. When I searched NCSoft to verify what i was going to post it only showed GW1 Clicking on the NCSoft publisher from the aion store page only show Aion and L2.