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  1. Queue is BS!!!

    Yeah, it says in the description it gives 7 days of premium.
  2. Queue is BS!!!

    I gave up and gave NCsoft $5.50 for the student pack. I was #13 in a que of over 3000 for over an hour, total time in que of 5+hours.

    Auto-Kick afk doesn't do anything when there's no server restart to force update on those that have been abusing it. Licking NCSofts boots will get you nowhere.

    This is to "force" people to pay for premium. and its working. Im #13 in the Poharan que and the premium wait list has gone from sub 10 to over 100.
  5. So...

    Ive been #13 for over 30 minutes in a que of 2900 and climbing. The premiums just keep cutting in front of me. Their numbers go up and down and I don't move. NCSoft is practically forcing people to buy premium to play, and it's working.
  6. Que times

    been in que for over 4 hours on Poharan. I'm currently #13, been under 30 for at least 45 minutes. Ill move up two or three spaces, then 30 premiums will get in que. It's insane. There are 2700 non premiums behind me. They should make it so one premium gets in, then one non. Take turns back and forth so at least it moves a little bit. DLed the game last night, and still haven't seen anything other than char creator.