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  1. Mushin's Legacy?

    I felt the same actually, but I know that this being an MMO it would be kinda weird having two endings. I thought about it even further and ended up thinking of two new factions depending on which choice you made at that point.
  2. Well yeah, I'm not saying it's good either. I can deal with it up to a certain point.
  3. My point stands, I could care less if the game is censored or not.
  4. Oh pixelated boobs, I'm missing out on so much... Seriously? Cry about it, why want pixel boobs versus the real thing? C'mon xD
  5. Blade master?

    I have a Blade Dancer & Assassin, Blade Master never came across my mind because BD is like BM + FM together. As for why? I have no idea...I personally think BD is much better than BM, but then again I haven't played it as much as I should be to commenting about it.
  6. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    Guys, he only got to level "6 or 7" He obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Just ignore the troll and continue about your day...
  7. Zzzzzz

    Can confirm with my own screenshot
  8. Free Goodies for downtime

    You'll get bigger Premium queue's
  9. Fix the queue times.

    The queue's are rather ridiculous EVEN FOR PREMIUM
  10. Disconnected from server.(2000)(132,15100)

    Check the news and announcements before posting next time.
  11. Server Maint, On a Saturday?

    It clearly says it's an emergency. You're aware this means it was unplanned, right?
  12. Server issues?

    Check the news and announcements, it's there for a reason...
  13. EU Login is down for hours need explaination

    You need to calm down, EU has been having problems with crashing a lot (My EU friend told me). If you were on Starfall Crater, that was one of the servers having problems.
  14. People hitting max level in only like 4 days......

    Since the CBT we might know more about leveling up and gaining resources than the people that just began to play. I met somebody who actually got level 45 in the first 15 hours of the head start beginning. I don't see why you're complaining if we clearly know what were doing more than you know what you're doing. I don't brag about it, I just play and enjoy myself. The only time I "brag" about it is when I go to Bamboo Village's Everdusk and kill the "Noob killers" so the newbies in faction uniforms can pass safely. Also haven't you thought of, "Hey maybe they work at home and already finished their job for the day/errands for the day."
  15. They changed some names around but left the picture of the skill the same.