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  1. Server Maintenance again?

    Again? Seriously? I am strongly thinking about giving up Blade and Soul and coming back in a couple months to see if they have worked out the issues.
  2. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    Wait... I am a NA player, and believe me the time is NOT convenient AT ALL!!!!!!!!! maybe for kids it is because they get out of school but those of us who play in the morning or the afternoon before life and work kick in just can't play. Maintenance should be done late at night and you are right EU and NA should be scheduled according to the time zones. So let's not get all NA vs EU because as they say, The grass always seems greener or the other side of the fence, when in reality it isn't.
  3. Did you guys lower the server's capacity?

    Just kinda wondering why I spent all that money on a premium membership when I a, still waiting 30+ mins in a queue. Never had to wait before in any game till this one.. On top of all the other issues you guys are having, makes me even wonder why after 2 years I even decided to play an MMO again in the first place....
  4. Server down or crashed ?

    LOL Can we say restore FAILED! I might actually have to go do something else.