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  1. Tablets to play BnS

    You do know that is solely because this is DX9 tech with one processor for graphics and one for engine and the latency from the server when updating your client with multi-player environment and interactions.
  2. Yup, they did have to start the development at some point too. :)
  3. In game engine? You are serious, aren't you?
  4. Forum problem.

    I need to login 2 times usually.
  5. New way of abusing Looting system

    Looks like it is "Working as intended". Only way for you to get official response here, of ANY kind, is to name & shame and that response is not what you want. ;)
  6. Don't you mean 4 years ago?
  7. Lover boy outfit cannot take off bug

    Just put on some Billy Ocean on the media player and enjoy the groove.
  8. The reasons above + the innovations in the game are 4 years old so it is not that great either...
  9. Issues affecting Summoner abilities.

    Every summoner tear keeps me sustained, keep 'em flowing you plebs. :)
  10. maintenance?

    Apparently their rickety login server is way underpowered to handle the logins on a normal friday night?
  11. We really need kick option in party.

    The game is from a culture where this sort of behaviour would be extremely rude and therefore rare. Unfortunately us westerners thrive on asshattery and douchebaggery, almost to the point of glorifying it.
  12. We really need kick option in party.

    Would suggest to not to get your hopes up...
  13. Although I dislike it in general I can understand that someone is little pissed off about the gold spam in our faction chat and feels that NCSoft needs to get some love also.
  14. Multiple Outfits