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  1. Warden..

    How and where can i get badges? ( i dont know the game so much)
  2. Warden..

    Hey guys. What do you think of Warden so far? Am at lvl 40 and i think Warden is a bit boring but i wont give up yet =) do u think is gona be more fun later? What do u guys think? ^^
  3. 14x Locked Golden Deva Weapon Chest's later.

    Sorry but what Weap and what lvl on that weap are u guys talking about? O.o
  4. Just a few things.

    Must Bump this.. more ppl/kids need too read this!
  5. Timer and Weap

    ty guys^^
  6. I give up.

    It takes 5 min to Delete a character.. i did it last night, 5 min! ^^
  7. Timer and Weap

  8. Timer and Weap

    Hi guys. how dose it work whit the lvl 3 weap we get, are we gona use it all the time? i know we must "uppgrade" it, will is change look later on? am lvl 16 and still using it and i cant kill some bosses, do we get a better weap later or how dose it work? =) Timer: If i must go Afk for ex making dinner how long is it till timer start AND when it start how long do we have till we get kicket from the server? ^^ Last thing, is there any idee to start a new character in one of the new servers, i mean will that server get full too so we have to wait for like 45 min too enter? Well thats it for now, hope u can read my bad eng. have a good one now^^
  9. Just a few things.

    Amen too all this Almond!! This text is something all should read. Really well don mate^^