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  1. Wow mate, maybe you're who has to do something better with your life instead of coming to this thread with that attitude. Don't you? edit: wrong quote again, *cricket* phone xD it was for Rugba
  2. I know, but I think they're going to lose money, at least mine edit: damn I can't quote decently with my phone srry
  3. I can't understand why they release EU servers if they're going to ignore us since the start... That has no sense. I bought 1-week premium (just to try the game) and I was going to renewal it.. But I won't, specially if this keeps this way I wonder why the staff can't give us a little explanation like "it's impossible for us to change the time atm but we'll look for a solution" or something.. But nope, they keep ignoring us
  4. Signature Image

    Seems to be bugged.. The whole forum is bugged :/
  5. Show off your characters!!

    I've lot of appareances saved but here are the last ones ~~ for my BM
  6. Server down or crashed ?

    I can play but 3-4sec of delay when I try to attack,..