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  1. For the record most people have already quit BnS, and it's not all because of RO. Personally I do plan to play RO, but I'm waiting for OBT and more translations. Not sure why everyone says BnS has the best combat, because it doesn't. BnS combat does not even compare to games like Tera and Dragon Nest where you actually have to dodge with with dedicated dodge skills on a really low cd. BnS is like, "oh shit I'm a WL and I used my backstep, I'm fked with no chance of escaping before they KO me", how is that great combat? Also you can't even use your skills freely, every class has set combos or y
  2. I'm also having fps problems, never had problems before and now my FPS is at 15 and doesnt go any higher >.<
  3. SAME i'm always at 50-60 fps now I have 12 and it doesn't get better >.<
  4. Yea I completely agree. There's literally nothing worthwhile to do atm. Doing dailys over and over again is boring and tedious. The hardest dungeon we have right now (tomb) was fun the first week, but lost it's appeal since they nerfed the drop rate of the necklace. Legendary pets and weapons is just a gold sink that is mostly RNG. No incentive to get Legendary anything since BNS lacks raids and all current content can be done with 600 ap. I mostly log on to do my daily challenge and whirlwind dailys and log off. And after Citadel comes it will be the same thing as Tomb is right n
  5. I've seen 1 penguin drop in CS that's it zzz.
  6. Your rotations may need a tad tweeking. But yea I completely agree, Warlocks seriously need a DPS boost, especially since with our Legendary we get screwed over with Dragoncall. Pretty much every other class can out DPS us with the same stats or higher, FM's more so even with lower stats >.> It's pretty sad.
  7. Inferno is not in your main DPS rotation so no it's not as big of a loss >.>
  8. Omg yes, something needs to change with this. Before I upgraded to L my dragoncalls were hitting almost 40k each. Now with Legendary it hit like 27k-30k dragoncalls. It's terrible >.<
  9. If you're Cerulean come check us out!
  10. In the stream they posted 2 new designs from the Twister Grimhold Wilds merchant. Does anyone know what the designs look like? Can't find anything on any website. They're called Commercial Merchant Recipe and Business Ethics Recipe~ Thx!
  11. Previously it was available to be bought with Ncoin. Now it isn't even in the Hongmoon shop. We need it for our clan design >.< It was there before and we had members buy it, now its gone zzz
  12. found the daily event, still no cold storage reset tho
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