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  1. Lyn Female losses out

    Races and genders each have some specific outfits that can only be worn by them, they've also said on stream that it would be awkward to give the lynn this costume. But please go on keep making redundant posts like this one.
  2. So was I scammed?

    To make my sarcasm detectable, I add these weird lines such as 4Head. You should google that word.
  3. So was I scammed?

    No guys this is def. a scam 4Head, you should contact your lawyer.
  4. Hujikar weapon Breakthrough droprate

    Got mine 2nd try EleGiggle. Droprate for every weapon is the same, here's how it's calculated : There are 8 weapons, right? Which means that the chance for your weapon dropping is 1/8th this is 12,5%. Now to verify that opening 40 boxes(probably exaggerated ) and getting 0 weapons of your class is possible, we'll calculate the chance of that happening. I'll use the binomial cummilative density function to prove that. Use google if you're not familiar with this technique. binomcdf(40,1/8,0) Use a calculator or many of the free online tools. The chances of this happening is 0.00478 or about 0.5% in normal percentages. You Sir are just very unlucky. I hope that this clarifies some of the concerns and that however unlikely something seems, it is indeed always likely.
  5. steam

    Which download error are you talking about? Their own downloader is perfectly fine, maybe you should check your ethernet cable for bitemarks from your cat.
  6. Credit card = in-game, other services = website. Quite the predicament you're experiencing 4Head.
  7. Silver Dragon costume?

    Some people are obsessed with getting everything, I am part of this group, altough im not willing to drop that amount of money on a costume.
  8. If you haven't spent money, don't!

    Why are you preaching xD
  9. BnS Unplayable :/

    Classic thread, I enjoy my cup of tea extra hard while reading threads like this.
  10. Plz god no more... my ears can't take it

    This is from another dungeon : "Did you think i was alone?"
  11. What is the Burning Flames costume worth?

    Depends on your party, if you're with a bunch of lvl 36's you're save to assume that most of them only have a couple of silvers, maybe a gold. Keep up with the bidding untill you can no longer add I would say.
  12. open my shop

    Then you should wait, after you've placed them on the marketplace.
  13. Regium Corvus to EU

    His design was not inferior, how it has been implemented is inferior. It has already been stated on multiple sources that we'll be getting the US outfit on the next cycle for the daily dash, likewise the US people will get the EU outfit. Now please get yourimpudent ass of the forums.
  14. 1 Minute guide Blackwyrm for Force Masters

    Thanks for the guide! Even tho i'm a FM and ranged I had lots of trouble with evading that pull, actually I never knew why he pulled me.
  15. finding old man cho

    Owh my bad, there is a second quest in that region where you'll have to speak to him. I gave you the info on that one, i completely forgot this first quest :P. Good luck anyways
  16. finding old man cho

    I believe that you have to fly from the top of the hill to the building over there, if i'm alright his kid should have flew over first to show you how.
  17. open my shop

    This Hibiki guy is very random. What do you want to sell? and what type of currency do you want to recieve?
  18. crafting assistance

    The game itself tells you, when you enter the landing page of the selected expertise it says contract with and then the two others.
  19. 7 days to delete a character?

    Systems like these are retarded in the eyes of ignorant people like yours truly, untill the day you get hacked and you didn't get to cancel the deletion. I'm sure we'll see a reversed post like this.
  20. Admin Rights


    I've already managed to get 3 = 700 coins total. inb4 entitled free to play players start redundant cry threads because they refuse to spend a cent and thus call this game pay2win.
  22. ETA on Warlock Class?

    58 days 10 hours 48 minutes.
  23. Almost 1000 Gold!!!

    All these negative comments make me sad, gratz on your achievement anyways. You're very prepared for the coming updates.
  24. 2 weeks and game is allready dead. wow....

    no queue on 1 server = Game died, you Sir should become a scientist. Conclusions like these will help our society a lot! But now to clear some of your many misunderstandings. -People switched to the many other servers, since they did not care about a small restart and they wanted to log-in peacefully. -People quit the game, these were the bandwagon players who were hyped but do not have the fortitude to actually finish something or they just did not like the game in the end.
  25. PvP is not balanced around lv 45!!!

    You can always do something while waiting for the PvP to be balanced, perhaps you can pull on your trunk while trying to fill a cup with those salty tears.