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    I saw that they just deleted your post ^^, this image is so dam sexy. Keep posting it!
  2. A positive post

    Most posters flock to the forums on times like "scheduled maintenance" to ofcourse show their apprecition, towards NCsoft fixing/improving the game. Glad to see your problem got resolved so fast.
  3. Should i be a summoner or a assassin?

    Summoner is not the strongest, contrary to what many people claim. However from a PvP perspective it's the most annoying class to play against. As stated above assassin can easily solo dungeons such as brightstone which will reward you with a lot of gold. Summoner is easier to play then assassin, you might want to practise before diving in one of the hardest to play classes.
  4. WHERE THE *cricket*

    this sht is so fkin funny xD
  5. Spammers

    With the new changes such as block spammer list and auto-report that comes with that function, I was hoping that this useless spam on the forums would dissappear :S
  6. Faction dailies unplayable.

    There is a faction outfit that is farmable in the cinderlands. That's why they're all there.
  7. Server downs and premium

    Was your first post pointless banter like this?
  8. Failed to connect to server

    They do care, otherwise they wouldn't reset it :P
  9. Another drawing!

    10/10 would make my waifu. Very beautifull.
  10. Where do I learn this elite dash skill?

    GameGuard is extra loading time nowadays 4Head.
  11. New class

    where did you learn to read, it's funny how you reply with such an ignorant remark :D
  12. My Ideas for the game

    I like the wings idea!
  13. Arena advanteges

    You can cancel the invisbility by hitting the enemy with an ability. Once the cat is dead, which can be really easy to kill the summoner is fairly useless. It is indeed a horrible class to play against, but not the strongest!
  14. Your decision to spend all that money on an incomplete character was your own, you should've been aware that it would be like this.
  15. Dps class?

    Force Master, at least I always get aggro cause with the right spec you deal insane single target or aoe dmg. Assasin in the right hands deals a sht ton of dmg. Blade dancer should also be in the top-tier dps classes.
  16. I dropped my steam library which still has many unfinished and untouched games ^^. But ofcourse i'll return to that place one day.
  17. When will the wardrobe be completed?

    Keep bumping
  18. How to level up my weapon now?

    The same as you've always been ranking up. Transmute your own elements, it might seem expensive but on the long run it's a lot cheaper to use elements then to use actual items to upgrade your gear.
  19. Memory leak after todays patch.

    Yes i'm experiencing this problem sometimes, since patch it's quite common. For the new 24 man dungeon I need to lower graphics and hide all players. Which is weird since I'm running this game on a 980Ti 6gb and 8gb 1600Mhz ram installed. I hope they fix, these problems are new for me.
  20. Dochun server dead?

    Cardinal gates is very active (EU), both factions do BW and terrors on a daily basis.
  21. Gold sellers seems found the new way to forum...

    NCsoft is working hard, have a look at the list of posts. Yes, they're all deleted. You should not counter spam with your own stupid spam.