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  1. There is some kind of error on my outfit :(

    Seems to be an hardware problem
  2. We don't see this everyday.

    People are either mad or like you about rng, can't you just be happy for the poster?
  3. Force Master vs Mushin Tower

    Great videos!
  4. So, warlock is coming March 2

    I'm not that hyped for warlock so I won't be making such a big deal out of this, but games have the right to compete with each other. If you're such a fan of BDO and think that these kind of practises are not allowed or unfair in any way then maybe you should just go and play the CBT2 currently ongoing.
  5. Am I missing something?

    There are certain other items which heal at specific places, e.g. Mushin dumpling. But these potions and dumplings are all you need. Dumplings can heal you from 0 to 100 in a few seconds, and the potions always heal 30%.
  6. I'm a proud Gon FM. We're sexy and strong, deal with it pleb.
  7. So, warlock is coming March 2

    isn't this game allowed to have regular releases?
  8. So, warlock is coming March 2

    Common practises kid, have a look at WoW they pump out expansion after expansion just before a new big-hit gets released.
  9. Real money blockade

    Preach, tell the maggot the truth!
  10. Regular seductress outfit, where?

    Well that escalated quickly
  11. Bye bye gold rank

    Try to find someone to spar against. Practise will give you a better chance vs the summoner class. They're different and thus more difficult to understand for some.
  12. Solo Bloodshade Harbor 4-man

    Great video! Good to see someone utulizing the potential of his/her class to the max. Don't mind the negativity, comes from bronzies.
  13. I'm always wondering why people forget to submit a ticket and instead rant on the forums, as if they expect other players to solve their problems.
  14. I tedn to believe that it's smart, there is a greater demand fro trans stones then raw mats.
  15. @Hime or Babbletr0n

    A true business man has spoken
  16. [Recent] EU launcher issue

    Roughly 10 minutes ago I experienced a DC (without a message, everything stopped moving). I tried to restart the game, but the launcher got stuck at the repair part. Some othe rplayers are experiencing the same issues.
  17. Random DC's and lagg

    Many european players are experiencing problems at the moment. I hope we get a quick fix :P need to finish my nightshade24
  18. i cant log in after update

    I've made a thread under general discussion, to get ncsofts attention, let's hope for the best.
  19. i cant log in after update

    Hmmm I'll just sit this one out, check the twitter once in a while to see if they're aware. https://twitter.com/BladeAndSoulOps
  20. i cant log in after update

    did it happen like 5 minutes ago?, i'm on cardinal gates EU btw.
  21. Let me get this point straight, you trade real money for in-game currency from other players. NCsoft does not offer in-game items which boost your weapon evolution speed inside the cash shop(except the keys).
  22. i cant log in after update

    I'm having the same issue atm. I dced during nightshade harbour and now the launcher is stuck at "repair"
  23. I've never played WoW, but i've had my fair share of time in other mmo's. I'll probably spend as much time or maybe more then I did in those games. Achievements and the upgrades keep a completionist like myself busy for a long while. A great + aswell is the combat, Tera is somewhat slow for me, while this fast paced combat is super fun.
  24. Brother Hajoon

    Find the dragon balls
  25. P2W?

    nice question!