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  1. Gem question??? Help meh!

    You'll be spending a lot of silver and soulstones, but random transmutation is indeed your best friend. I've also come across a player who said that his green pentagonal dropped from poh4. But this has not been confirmed by any other source except that random dude, i think :P.
  2. Please allow Warlocks to be...

    Let me help you, you should write your opinion like this : I think that "the male Gon-outfits are better than Jins', and Lyns just suck. Wanted to play blademaster, so I had no choice but to cut my losses. I mean look at this. One looks like a badass, the other looks like a clown."
  3. Character deletion wait time?

    He wants to create a new character and have it finished before next patch.
  4. BSH 4-6 man personal experience.

    Thrasher is not underwhelming in such a small group :S
  5. Character deletion wait time?

    Try submitting a ticket! They might be able to help you, will take a day at least if you're lucky.
  6. Force Master vs Mushin Tower

    Total Attack Power: 374 Total Crit Rate: 1780 Total Crit Damage: 660 he's not overgeared.
  7. Blackwyrm

    you're very creative with words :), actually laughed while reading this.
  8. Force Master - Slashimi (4 man)

    I'd like to ask a question related to the topic, how does a FM block slashimi so that it will flop out of his swimming animation? (I feel stupid for asking, but I need to know)
  9. Rich Quartz Locations and spown time

    It's been a month since launch, people learn and adapt ;). Links are broken atm, but thanks for sharing anyways.
  10. How satisfied are you with BnS?

    Quite a lot of numbers you're requesting, but here it goes. The game is visually stunning, character models are beautifull. I've come across sexy, handsome, cute and whacky creations which all had their own beauty. The world is beautifull aswell, the first few hours in the game it felt very rewarding to just glide through the sky while having a look at my surroundings. I myself play a FM which has a lot of big and explosive skills, some classes like KFM have less appealing skill animations. I'll score these 8,7 and 7 respectively. With the final number represting my thoughts about my own class. The story felt almost emberrassing to watch, story's in mmo's always have this weird and not thought out feeling to it. I quite disliked it. But this is partly due to the weak voice acting and forgetfullness of certain characters. Side quests are also comparable to other mmo's, feels like a drag to do them all, I did them regardless because I do not like my map to be clustered with blue arrows. With side content I think you're aiming at daily quests and/or dungeons? I'm having a lot of fun with the 24 man dungeons and the 4 man dungeons. I've found a few trustworthy and fun players to run with, i've not come across a ninja-looter because I keep running with a select few unless I try to finish my dailies quickly. Mushin's tower is a lot of fun aswell and especially rewarding once you manage to defeat the boss at floor 7. I'll score these 3,3 and 7 respectively. The classes each have a unique feel, altough some use copies of each others kills e.g. LBM and FM (the pull). Altough they have a few copies skills each class still manages to dinstinct itself from the others. I've only gained experience with FM so I can't go too deep on this. I believe that they're balanced, unlike the majority of the population who like to bully summoners. 7 and 7 for the individuality and balance. Now it's your turn to write your opinion poster.
  11. NCSOFT Doesn't care

    Are you sure, every bot has a face-roll over the keyboard name. They all look similar but they're not. If you submit a ticket with screenshot they usually whipe the bot at that location, give it a try!
  12. Spam bots are evolving

    They're like those chess AI, that get better with every game they play. Or in this case, every whipe 4Head.
  13. Tera vs Blade and Soul

    Tera is a lot older, people have finished playing that game.
  14. Which GM Crashed the Server

    No he doesn't
  15. What stats are you using for PVE?

    Crit all the way
  16. So what are your thoughts

    It has the potential to be a long running game, very competetive PvP which will have a strong grip on a fraction of the community. If they continue to release new content like this (scheduled with decent intervals) I can see the game running for at least another 2 years.
  17. Warlock NERF

    Class not even out yet 4Head
  18. Instead of talking about numbers dwindling, players should connect and make friends. At the moment I have a hand full of good in-game friends with whom I run dungeon and chat. No need for packed channels with mindless spam like that.
  19. BSH hair acquired !!

    Looks super cute, could you confirm for me if it dropped in the 4 or 6 man version?
  20. I'm so disappointed in people and Team NCSOFT

    Send a damn ticket and wait for their reply. It's that simple....
  21. Casual, Average, Dedicated, and Hardcore Players

    Dedicated ^^, but I play very efficient. No loafing around, do dailies run dungeons with clan members and still spend lots of time in the real world :P.
  22. Is the server having hiccubs again? xD

    Server is having issues, watch general discussion explode
  23. Servers Crash Again

    [data error] is everyone getting this when opening launcher? I just got it
  24. Server Down?

    [Data error] E01005 NIC, everyone having this issue now? I can't even open launcher.