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  1. 10/10 would force to be my waifu.
  2. why its laggggggg??

    Maybeeeeee yourrrrrr wifiiiiii issssss havingggg jittersssss onceeee everyyyy fewwwww daysssss.
  3. blade&soul pickup lines....

    That's where people discuss their lifes combined with hentai.
  4. Someone needs to redo 3rd grade (Joke)

    Every master represents a class, including the warlock.
  5. How to make Gold End Game?

    This is how I make money (i've quit doing the endless chore of 40/40 dailies everyday). There are two dungeons which I mainly run and those are Poh4/BSH4, reason being Poh4 gives perfumes (50s ea. price fluctuates) and if you're running in a party full of people who you don't know you'll occasinally see very high bids on costume pieces (i've seen 30g on her hair). Briliant hexagonals drop here aswell (used to be 40g when I got those). BSH4 drops skillbooks, drop chance is low thus they're extremely high priced. If you're trying to make money by selling skillbooks make sure you enter the dungeon with a lot of gold and knowledge on their current prices e.g. Lightning draw for a dancer easily sells for around 300g, people will obviously bid above 100g for such a drop. soloing or duoing the 4blue dungeons with a friend will grant you more then 1g every or every other run. Dailies that I still do are : -Faction dailies Mistry and Beach for soulstones -Infernal tomb grants 2 soulstones -3 highest purple dungeons for a total of 5 quests (as of yesterday) -Mushin's tower (I've yet to kill Mushin's darkness, but the other quests grant a lot of gold) -Arena PvP dailies -> Zen beans, will be very usefull if you reach at least gold. Quick tips on finding succesfull parties for 4man runs : Do not use the LFP function, read chat or make your own group! This filters the painfully weak players out of the player pool, it also gives you the option to create a perfect team(opinions differ) e.g. Summoner+Tank(KFM,BM) and two dps classes. I hope this helps.
  6. Is it safe to use Teamspeak or similar?

    4Head, people walking on the tips of their toes trying to do normal things. Game has made a sharp 180 in the wrong direction.
  7. Why is our Mushin-8 twice as hard?!

    Could you send me a private message or post your skill tree here? I'm 424 ap FM and can't get past 9% on his 3rd phase, i'd like to learn from succesfull players!
  8. pve required?

    Gear has no impact on arena pvp, skillpoints however do -> The more you level, the bigger your advantage. In short I would advice you to get at least lvl45 HM1 before challenging the ladder.
  9. Patch notes

    With the introduction of the Warlock, additional class and balance changes will be made in the next update. Does this mean zero changes this patch and the next patch will have some balance changes?
  10. Help me choose a hair color

    Should've been a female ;)
  11. To get your free character slot

    Please answer, how does one do that?
  12. To get your free character slot

  13. How To Improve My Ping For Bns?

    Press a button and start a stopwatch at the same time, When your move visually registers stop the stopwatch. Good luck!
  14. -Survey- school project.

    No EU servers in list :S, completed it anyways :P.
  15. Cat faction outfits

    I completely agree, altough i'm not a summoner. But, do you need to unequip both after you're done with faction stuff?
  16. Have not received my NCoins.

    Next time wait with your garbage posts after the 12 hours mark :D.
  17. pentagonal gem fragments? sell? or transmute?

    Do you already have the 25 attack power diamond? If not spend the pentagonal fragments on crafting pouches, a pouch sells for 7g btw, and if you're lucky the diamond sells for 35g.
  18. Master Looting Ninja "GetMeHard"

    Thanks for the headsup, this post will probably be deleted tho.
  19. FM v Sin

    For AoE I would go with FM, but for end-game solo capability sin.
  20. Bidding for someone else's weapon

    Humans are mean and greedy creatures ;)
  21. Launcher

    I've no clue, I just gave you the solution NCsoft support has given us a few days ago when this issue was occuring with everyone's launcher. Your best bet is to submit a ticket, with a DxDiag of your pc, they will probably help you a lot better.
  22. Gem question??? Help meh!

    Sparkling is the best ofcourse, but you won't get hexagonals that way, use your available mats to create the best options. Hexagonal brilliant and sparkling pentagonals. Here's a video by Godrik which can help you better understand the entire gem thingies. Hope this helps.
  23. Launcher

    For the stuck at repair, you can set the local.ini file in the bin folder to read only. This is a temporary work around.