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  1. .

    Payment problem, let's blame company/publisher of fraud 4Head. Gotta love kids.
  2. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    Let's also ask for free character slots, free server transfer, free inventory slots, free outfits. Eventually you will also cry about the game shutting down, even after you've refused to drop a single cent in it.
  3. Best BladeDancer weapon

    If you're new, then you should stick with upgrading your hongmoon blade. I believe there is a better weapon endgame, but you'll have to reach that point first.
  4. The loot system. No.

    Congratz on being the first! Goodluck with the rest of your meaningless journey.
  5. What do I do with off-class Blight Weapons?

    You can also use them to upgrade your weapon, once you've finished the breakthrough. They're unsellable.
  6. Hongmoon accessory

    Jadestone village has a store, which sells these accessory's for the green viridian stones. They cost 5 pieces for each accessory.
  7. High End CPU + GPU - Bad looking graphics

    First off, could you drop your entire list of specs. I'm using a GTX980 Ti 6Gb, with an i5 quad core processor and 8Gb off ram and ofcourse the game is installed on a SSD. I've experienced 0 problems, perhaps a lagg-spike which was internet related. I run the game on max btw.
  8. Wow, this is early. Good luck on retrieving your lost gear. But by any chance did you log in on a supicious site with your info? gave it to a "friend"?
  9. Should I change server?

    Cardinal gates is a great server! at peak hours (18:00-21:00) you'll see a queu of 800 and sometimes higher depending on the day/time. Lvl 25 is still early, altough I can understand the effort you've put in your character so far. Blackram narrows was tedious if you're unlucky.