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  1. Post your lucky moments

    Cobalt wig on 54th run! But I was the only female so snatched it for 1c :D, Warlock skillbook on 12th run, everyone was pisspoor so I snatched it for 15g and made a 235g profit :D.
  2. Will you donate 3g to your clan every day?

    The clan that i'm a member off has a 7g, 20soulstones p/week donation req. I don't mind, since we've been doing this our clan has leveled up a lot. We're now rank13 with 72 active members and a costume on its way. 3g a day is too much, and why gold anyways? soulstones are used a lot more for clan activities.
  3. Mobs Reseting

    Where did I mention melee's having it better? I just told the poster how I handle this issue on my own ranged character.
  4. We want player to player mail systems to be payment free.

    "I want bots to stalk me a lot more"
  5. Mobs Reseting

    I've had this problem on my FM since launch. Whenever they get frozen on long range, they become untargetable and regain all their health. I've figured that I should just go melee range, which nullifies the whole range concept.
  6. Level 50 dailies unrealistic?

    I'm agreeing with you guys. Not only did the 50 content came too early (i'm already max true pirate on one char, but can't play another char due to lack of time), it is also atrocious. Faction dailies put me on tilt, during the mining phase I realised that I disliked the whole concept of an all out war. 24man dungeons are very boring, both design and the given tasks and it is unclear on how to make bosses spawn it feels like a gaint wait game over there. Ploggle sanctum is a massive derp. The only thing that I actually felt comfortable with was the expansion of the storyline, the new winter area and the regular dailies like we were used to at misty woods. Some noteworthy things that only affected a few including myself : -removal of 4man -> I've spent a alot of time farming certain items, currently i'm boasting the cobalt wig on my main. I'm proud having gained that, but now that items like these which first felt like exclusive items for hard workers are open to pick up for everyone, I lost the motivation to grind anything. -Heroic dungeons difficulty -> Besides the strat required for yeti, these dungeons were a complete joke. No difficulty at all, anyone with basic understanding of the game and decent gear(460+ ap) could hop in a 4man and come out victorious. -Upgrade mats -> 170 frozen darts, 7 naryu tablets??? I've already cleared the new dungeons numerous times and yet i'm not even close to gathering mats for upgrades. I can already imagine that players will have to clear 1000's of runs to complete one character. This is very unfriendly towards players that want to re-roll or maintain various characters since all classes are fun. Regardless of this i'll just try to adapt find new things that I enjoy in this game, combat is as fun as it always was. Performance slightly improved, so no complaints over there.
  7. Yes I do think content is released too fast. This is especially problematic for people who enjoy creating multiple characters. At first I've only played on my FM and it made me excited to see this type of pacing. But now that i've started a second char it has turned into a race against the clock. This might make a gaint gap between new players and older experienced players. But I cans ee why NCsoft is releasing content so fast, to be eSports viable we'll have to get at the korean version asap and ofcourse to cather to a certain fraction of the population who'se impatient or tends to hop on another hypetrain quickly.
  8. Mushin tower floor 7

    Good luck on floor 8.
  9. Aye another solution with bots(Autoban)

    Here's the downside of this idea, an entire scummy clan reporting someone resulting in an innocent ban.
  10. stilll time to go for pirate wep? worth it?

    It's worth imo
  11. Character Transfer

    Cardinal gates <3, server is fun worth the re-roll.
  12. Please mail me what I need from BSH...

    SS usually solves your problems. Here's a few common events that occur alot : -Cat and thrasher poison -> long wait time, for summoner only -Laceration stacks from blood mane bots -Someone entering combat during mob skip before blood mane room If you're ever stuck for a very long time, which seems unexplainable use the escape function from the esc menu. It'll teleport you back to the last checkpoint.
  13. Why so much hate for bots I dont get it?

    I love the bots, it adds comedic relief whenever you see that train strolling around! But on the more serious note, I feel more hate for the players funding the bots then the actual bots. They're the real issue, creating imbalances; inflating the economy and boasting high stats but low actual gameplay skills.
  14. 191 Runs of 4man Poh

    I've had 81 runs, seen 3x hair;3x pirate princess;4x blackram general. Nothing wrong with the drop rates. Whenever a %chance is attached to a certain event everything is possible, even the events that seem impossible such as yours.