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  1. I'm agreeing with you guys. Not only did the 50 content came too early (i'm already max true pirate on one char, but can't play another char due to lack of time), it is also atrocious. Faction dailies put me on tilt, during the mining phase I realised that I disliked the whole concept of an all out war. 24man dungeons are very boring, both design and the given tasks and it is unclear on how to make bosses spawn it feels like a gaint wait game over there. Ploggle sanctum is a massive derp. The only thing that I actually felt comfortable with was the expansion of the storyline, the new winter ar
  2. They do care, otherwise they wouldn't reset it :P
  3. Some people are obsessed with getting everything, I am part of this group, altough im not willing to drop that amount of money on a costume.
  4. I've already managed to get 3 = 700 coins total. inb4 entitled free to play players start redundant cry threads because they refuse to spend a cent and thus call this game pay2win.
  5. You completely missed my point, I was being sarcastic towards the poster.
  6. Let's also ask for free character slots, free server transfer, free inventory slots, free outfits. Eventually you will also cry about the game shutting down, even after you've refused to drop a single cent in it.
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