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  1. What if I upgrade to this one instead, and then I salvage it? It seems more convenient to me.
  2. @hwalien I tried to salvage my weapon, but it doesn't let me. Do I need to upgrade it to level 10 first?
  3. Hi good people! ^-^ Well, I'll go straight to the point. I left the game shortly after the Blackram Shipyard update. I didn't log in since then. I logged in now after a year, I think and now I'm really disoriented. Everything seems different. I saw there's a new weapon upgrade system but I have no clues about how it works and I'm afraid to make mistakes since it involves salvaging stuff. (*) I don't know what dungeons should I beat to get a good new soul shield. (**) I don't know anything about the stuff you can get now from the daily dish. I don't know what people co
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