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  1. Its okay TC, you can quit like a lot of other people have for the same reason. These elitist people posting will be ones complaining the game is dead and wondering why.
  2. Can't open game

    I had this problem just now with AVG. I had to put an exception on NCWEST and NCSOFT folders to let me play.
  3. 1. It is free delivery if you go to a banker. The fee is only for instant delivery and it goes up the higher level you are. 2.Yeah, there is a marketplace fee to place an item for sale. Again I think you are referring to instant delivery on point to (might be wrong). 3.In parties you have to bid for blue and purple drops. The one that bids the most wins the item and the money gets distributed to the rest of the party evenly. Be careful with bidding. Some people might increase the bid by a large amount if they see people bidding fast. If you fall for this you can cancel bid by dropping party.
  4. Bad Design or Bad People?

    I know joining groups is not the problem. It is the long spawn timer on mobs. Why would anyone be against this? Either shorten the spawn timer or let anyone get credit if they contribute.
  5. Gameguard needs to go away.

    Sure why not. But not if they have a sort of fix/replacement first.
  6. Gameguard needs to go away.

    Disabling it would make it worse. I am not excusing anything. Reread my initial post. "Simply disabling and calling it a day is asinine." There needs to be something, whether it is GG or not idc. Improve GG or have something better.
  7. Gameguard needs to go away.

    You clearly didn't read my post. I said if GG didn't exist there would be MORE, not too long while ago, when GG was apparently disabled, we had fly hackers in arena. Is that what you want?
  8. Bad Design or Bad People?

    I do. Doesn't stop groups from competing. As well as the occasional 1 or 2 without a group. My point is the TC has a point.
  9. Bad Design or Bad People?

    This almost never works in E Fleet because groups are already full.
  10. Gameguard needs to go away.

    So your average script kiddies can hack the game and macros? No thanks, there needs to be something to stop shit even if all it stops is the idiots, albeit most of the population. Just removing it and calling it a day is asinine. To note, I have 0 problems with GG and don't run any macro software like Razer, so some people really are trying to hack or macro and GG stops them (because they are skiddies), thus they want it removed(lol). Not saying everyone does but they do exist, so it is better to improve GG to help those having legit problems.
  11. Do you also run through doors without opening them irl? Why did you think they exist in the first place? Also in the ToU, that you agree everytime you log in, states you cannot abuse exploits.
  12. Here is an idea.. run with your friends instead of pugs. O wait you probably don't have any.
  13. Leveling event clarification

    Does anyone know for sure if the character can be lv10 or does it have to be 1 to 9 to be eligible for the event?
  14. I have this problem on firefox. It takes multiple times to log me in even with the correct info.