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  1. To All Applicants: Audacity is unfortunately no longer active and recruiting has stopped since mid-2017. I'll try to get a forum moderator to close this thread but if I can't, please do look for another guild to join. Thanks for your interest!
  2. BnS NA vs TW...

    Yeah because my main is on NA and I have a guild there plus the TW EN clans recruiting usually ask for active main players (which I am not). I'm not in any rush to join a clan in TW yet since i'm doing just fine now and the posts I made above were more for NA people reading this thread. I just don't want people to think TW is the perfect choice because of what OP stated. And as to what Alysha Hawkeye said, I feel the same way even though I can understand basic Chinese. Of course being in an EN guild would help since you could tune out all the Chinese but in a sense, the bottom quote is the reason why I went to NA in the first place rather than playing in TW.
  3. BnS NA vs TW...

    I know getting to 50 can be done without a clan, I did it myself too. If you read the sentence I meant it in the sense that past 50 (50++) in terms of joining harder dungeons, it'll just be solo from there on out because there's nobody to help you learn the dungeons (or you'd have to check out guides yourself). Communicating in higher end dungeons is difficult too since most of the time the pug doesn't understand english. I personally used the new weapon path with silverfrost refining kits and it was a lot cheaper (it halves the price) but for getting money to fund the other materials like moonstones and what not, it's pretty much 24/7 SSP since stingers are only around 60s. I get credit on everything too but it was a struggle when I was on oathbreaker to get enough.
  4. BnS NA vs TW...

    I'm from SEA (SG) too but my main is on NA. Honestly even with all the good things TW has to offer, the ping will deter a lot of people who aren't close to SEA because BnS is unfortunately a very ping dependent game, especially for melee classes. If you're from NA and have a decently geared char, i'd suggest just staying because playing with overseas ping will drag you down and/or ultimately make you frustrated with yourself and the lack of dps you could be doing. I made a char on TW ( 萬夫莫敵 too) and yes, it's super fun playing with low ping, but I wouldn't go so far as to say the servers are very populated. You definitely won't find as many players as NA in certain regions (eg. SSP definitely doesn't have as many players) which may be a good or bad thing, depending on what you need. Most of the players in TW are already geared for endgame (legendary, HM10+ and what not), which means lower level dungeons probably won't be run as much unless it drops a breakthrough or evolution weapon, or if it's on the daily challenge. I've spent a much longer time waiting in cross server LFPs for stuff like Necro, Lair or Nexus because hardly anyone runs them (eg. waited 3mins + for a necro party). 24-man areas like Zaiwei Ruins are dead too. However, if you're a new player, the devs know about the lack of help from 1-50 so they've added the breakthrough and crucial materials in the surveys and story quest line as well. Unlike NA, LFP is the only option because premades are usually only listed for extreme end game dungeons and they're usually in chinese. You won't make it very far past 50 without joining a guild to help you (which there are quite a few english ones recruiting) but if you're not intending to main on TW or wish solo at your own pace, you're gonna have to shell out some money to get decently geared, say to even get past oathbreaker (good thing is that there are nice events which reward quite a bit if you buy them (eg. a box which gives 10 ornaments & 10 tablets) / trove event right now.
  5. No french in dungeons

    You wouldn't want them surrendering halfway through the dungeon would you? jk I have no idea.
  6. Geforce Experience?

    Why not just skip launching from GeForce Experience? It's basically putting recommended settings on your graphic settings but it isn't actually optimizing the game itself (you can change all of the detailed graphical settings from your Nvidia Control Panel). I only use GeForce Experience for Shadowplay so I can't really help you.
  7. Typo on the maintainse today or?

    I think you need to check on your own spelling for typos too.
  8. If this is true well then screw crafting I'll just stick with making food
  9. New RNG Box in Shop!

    But why spend the effort to write a wall of text when the previous 3 threads did the same; you could just use what I quoted.
  10. Premium compensation!

    It's 5pm-9pm here but eh I'll just find something else to do
  11. Where are the faction dailies at misty woods?

    You rank up from hitting the required amount of faction points (press P then go to the faction tab). The faction dailies each give a certain amount of faction points (and so do killing opposing faction mobs at your level).
  12. level 43-45?

    I ran supply chain (+ dailies) a few times and hit 45 pretty fast, other than that most of the 40+ boss dailies should give some nice exp.
  13. Hajoon Tribute

    True, he didn't even leave me with some super special skill but claimed he taught me to the maximum extent of his hongmoon skills. I don't feel so bad for those scrubs now. Thanks :D
  14. Hajoon Tribute

    At least shed a tear for the guy who died countless times for thousands of players.
  15. A serious "Why I quit"

    We all hope so too but until then I think you're better off in vindy.