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  1. F2 Dilemma

    Don't get your hopes up. First we had asura soulshield bonus not appearing in F2 First f2 fix came in, but then we had F2 problems with necklace not showing, and eventually the other legendary jewelry aswell. 2nd fix came in, fixing the display issue of legendary jewerly. Galaxy weapon & elder soulshield released along with this, both didn't show in F2 3rd fix came in, I think this was a patch before the MSP update (or same patch). What a suprise, everything appears including the new MSP soulshields! But what is this? we can no longer hover over a player's soulshield icon to see the infusion stats? And why is my crit dmg & rate lower then what is appearing on my character (P) screen? No fix, instead they add elemental jewelry and the remaining legendary jewelry. Still the inaccurate display of stat numbers now topped off with a new feature that completely crashes the F2 panel by equipping the newly released elemental jewelry. 4th fix announced in 2 weeks. I bet it will still not be 100% accurate
  2. Yeah i heard some things about the modifier before. I never played the other regions myself but we have some members in our clan discord that keep themselves up to date. It really makes no sense, unless they are making all the balance changes with the upcomming ultimates and remaining HM skills in mind. Its even worse here due to the fact we don't even have the endgame gear they have in other regions, but we pretty much run the same balance patch.
  3. I really don't give a shit as long as his stats (AP, rate & crit dmg) scale fairly well and the AP is enough to actually be a viable asset to the dungeon. 400+ yeti/necro/lair/storage/mandate 500+ nexus/gloom/ 550+ masts/asura/tomb/ebon 600+ foundry When i make a lobby 4 man 600+ and some dude joins with 500+ i don't resort to kicking straight away, i'm 700+ myself atm, and if the other two party members also have 700+ then we should be able to carry the 500+ np. If one of my party members decides he want's to stick with min requirement listed for the dungeon then i simply kick. Most of the time I set my min requirements like listed above for 6 man. 4 man mode I might add upto 50-100 ap depending on my prefered clearing time and if i'm intrested in carry or not. I don't have a problem taking new players with me, but I have days where my time is limited. Those days I tend to put up 'hardcore' requirements (read: way over min required to clear) just to guarantee fast runs with min chance for wipes. Generally I join other lobby's or run with clan members (no min requirements here unless we don't have the power to carry alts or new players) The reason your max ap is 480 is because you play 6 characters while most high ap players only sticked to one. You're basicly on the gap between making hard money & easy money. Gold gets a lot more accesable (spelling?) when you reach 550-600. Considering your opinion on endgame (putting money into it or grinding a lot) I take it you don't have that much time to play. In that case your time would be better spent gearing your main upto 650+ then resort to your alts and gear them further with the money you collect from your main. Its way faster because you clear things faster and have acces to better rewarding content (especially naksun)
  4. This is not even related to P2win And while there's a shit ton of P2win you can add on to this in 6v6, the primairy issue here is the damage of dragontongue itself. A good BM will rek you regardless of using soul or not, their RMB dragontongue is just exceptionally strong at the moment (blame the incompetent balance team in KR) It will stay like this for a while.
  5. Players abusing the distrubtion methods

    Get a clan or some friends to run with. Why? Because i seriously doubt this will ever get fixed
  6. Prices of costumes and dragon soups....

    This, and you end up with 2/3 of them from quest reward and the dice game.
  7. As a sidenote: There have been enough threads here, and on reddit showing even low level destroyer spin bots with premium enabled. Don't be suprised they actually purchase premium on their bot accounts because it has been proven a couple of times by now that they do.
  8. OK it's enough!!!

    I was only suggesting that in order to troubleshoot the problem it is best to compare builds, os & overclock if any are made, all that stuff I don't own any razor hardware myself and I have no issues running the client
  9. Refund for Outfit Pouch Transmutation

    honestly, with the fact they removed salvage from ingame costumes you'd assume the ones you pay for would actually gaurantee you a 100% drop for at least 1 fabric. Knowing this I don't see how anyone would dare waste their cash on salvaging bought costumes for a CHANCE to get something. Unless they are filthy rich
  10. OK it's enough!!!

    If you want to troubleshoot it, this thread could serve a good purpose. Why not list your configs, OS & overclocks and see if there's a pattern?
  11. A Warning To Good Players

    Get a group of friends or join a clan that has specific rules as far as looting distribution goes You can't expect pugs to be generous, especially when you pretty much hint them you NEED it and they see potential value from you. Next time shut up and just make the bid, 99% they have their windows closed and they don't even give a shit
  12. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    a game that is 5 years old launched 10 days ago @biker Minor thing you left out that makes all the difference
  13. Really NcSoft? Chat is broken.

    Wow wow wow Shit like this makes me realise how spoiled I was when playing gw2. Seriously you guys fix one thing and break another two. Its been like this since launch. Get your shit together ncwest
  14. forum keeps logging me out??

    Bumb Its starting to *cricket* me off, how do i fix this mess?