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  1. 1 hour ago, Aariyja said:

    Thank you for all your replies. I realise It will be removed after 7 days! Although I'm sure I'll buy another $5.00USD

    Ok phew Because I'm not :)

    The student pack can only be purchased once per account I think.

  2. Something similar which happened to me was a guy around lv47 or so went to Tomb of Exiles and set the minimum bid to 50s. Which essentially locked out all the lowbies from getting any drops unless they were willing to pay 10% of their total gold for it. I mean, if the item would be the subject of a bidding war that goes beyond that price sure, but he set it so that even items only lowbies would want (infernal accessories, infernal weapons, soul shields) were blocked off, so many of these items went unbid on by anyone. He then pushed the minimum bid up to 1g for the boss's auction.

  3. Perhaps it's due to lag? Like, it fails to display the actual maximum height by skipping over those frames, leading you to believe your maximum jump height is lower than it should be?


    Have you tried logging in on a different computer to see if there are any differences? How about using a different keyboard in case that's the problem instead?

  4. 6 hours ago, hektix said:

    I have no desire to PVP in this game at all. On top of that I have very slow reaction time due to my mental disability, so I lose most fights regardless, giving me 8 zen beans. You're requiring me to gather 3,000 zen beans for the breakthrough weapon I need to upgrade my true siren. That's absolutely ludicrous in my situation and in many other players'.

    Hey, at least you're getting 8 per round. I get 5, and given my latency + how much I suck at pvp I'm not getting past the bot wall any time soon. ._.

  5. On 18/02/2016 at 3:17 AM, Zarec said:


    Ok here is something many of you do not seem to know.  We in the US/EU version have the localization team.  Bout it, they can smash bugs do minor UI changes and pick and choose what goes in this version of the game like certain quests and story.  The fundemental aspects of teh game like any major code alterations and balance changes are done by the KOREAN DEVELOPMENT TEAM.  


    Any new servers have to go through that region where NCsoft has a physical presence and or license to distribute in that country or partner with a company to publish in that area (What they did with Russia for instance).  Cost vs gain must be examined and that can take up to a year to see if there is actually a demographic in that area to warrant a server being placed.  


    If a player is in asia or australia then what I suggest is actually downloading the Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, or Korean versions of this game.  If you are a native english speaker GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND AND LOVER.  There are plenty of ways for you to find out how to use the english patch (granted you are altering the game files and if found out can cost you access to the game).


    Another thing to be aware of as this game has been out officially for three years, many areas of the game are bare as most players are high level. 


    Why'd you quote me? ._.

  6. On 22/02/2016 at 1:29 AM, ElectricLyn said:

    It's hilarious, but it's EXACTLY the reason why I hate the Lyn costumes.  I mean really, what are the designers thinking, with these Lyn costumes?
     Every other class looks pretty sleek in some of the best costumes, but the Lyns just look fat and plumb.


    In this case it was intentional. The description itself says that its (in-universe) designers had no clue as to why that outfit never sold.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Southbeatz said:

    A solution could be to make the nodes available to each player once per day, the nodes could reset daily. There are plenty enough nodes that it'd be highly unlikely someone could run out of nodes or even have enough picks to begin with and this would make it so that if a bot gathers from a node, that bot cannot gather from that node again until the daily reset.


    NCSoft needs to start targeting people buying from gold sellers as well and maybe discourage gold sellers from wasting time if less people are willingly to buy gold from them.


    I second both these points. I was thinking of maybe limiting the number of times a single character could harvest per day, or something like that, but that still wouldn't stop people from not having any nodes to mine since the gold farmers will just make even more characters to gather the ores/water.


    And as I've always said, there's only supply because there's a demand for illegal gold. As long as everyone boycotts the gold sellers, they'll eventually go away since they're not turning any profit. And even more so for this game since many of them are buying premium membership, so sticking to the game will only make them a loss. Unfortunately, there will always be at least one schmuck buying gold from them, so it comes down to the management to do something about it.

  8. On 08/02/2016 at 10:49 PM, elliv said:

    I myself personally enjoy the Japanese voice over the English one, here is why

    • On english, many of the quests left unvoiced. On japanese, most if not all, are voiced.
    • Some of the mobs voices are hilarious in JP version, for example the Foreman Chunfao (the transvetite dude on Blackram who change to woman when enraged).
    • Poharan JP voice honestly better than the EN one (in EN one you can tell the mic quality is just bad :( )


    Seconded on Poharan. I'm in love with her JP voice. Anyone who hasn't heard it should go look it up or something.


    The pot dogs are the only JP voices I hate so far, really. They sound ridiculous. The Snapjaws are also kind of pushing it for me.


    Oh, and the civilians working the fields that keep talking about the Talus Dominion being in cahoots with the Blackram aren't terrible, but I can't stand them because they just WON'T SHUT UP.


    On 10/02/2016 at 11:03 AM, Senzura said:

    lmao poharan sounds like she recorded her lines in the bathroom


    Also are we allowed to change to japanese voice overs or will we be banned for modifying, if we can does anyone have a guide


    I think one of the moderators said somewhere that they don't mind voice mods.


    @EvaRench I abhor her work ethic. She also sounds so lazy I feel like slapping her. ~.~

  9. 13 hours ago, Rym said:

    I would like YOU to explain me why I don't get any loot from Blackwyrm, granted I die a lot I've never once gotten loot from it. And I see on my screen constant 5-7k crits while I'm dpsing, doing at least 100k dmg every time before I die.


    Still, because I die, I do not receive loot.


    How can such a thing be possible, if I did so much damage?


    I heard someone say that you have to do at least 650k damage or something to get the loot.


    Idk if that's true, and in the first I have no clue how much HP it even has. ._.