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  1. What made you choose your first class?

    I went with Blade Master because I love melee. Though I suck at playing melee. Also, while I sorta dislike tanking I do like having a block to fall back on. Kind of feels like God Eater. :3
  2. 15 keys ...

    Funny, I joined CO but usually wear the Jiangshi Raiment, which has the CL uniform's colour scheme. If you're on Hajoon, I have a spare Stalker Lynblade idk what to do with. I may or may not have one leftover on Mushin, can't remember if I used it as fodder for my weapon. Those things make for good fodder.
  3. 15 keys ...

    On Mushin, it took me about 11 keys or so to get my sword, but when I remade my character on Hajoon I got it on my third try. And a few hours ago, I got a blight sword on my second. It all comes down to luck, I guess. Wow, is CO nice in general on every server?
  4. Outfits droprates in dungeons ?

    I'm not sure, but I heard the drop rates are very, very low.

    You can also press 4 to launch an attack that switches you into draw stance without moving your character. It has a pretty hefty cooldown though.
  6. I think you might have to deal enough damage within a small amount of time? Because I did a few weak hits for the heck of it yesterday and it didn't work, but it got cleared when I actually went in and unloaded on him.
  7. Looking for malaysia player

    Is Singapore close enough? :p I have no clue really. Might want to check out clan recruitment threads to get a feel for it?
  8. DUNGEONS 101

    Oh. Haven't had too much trouble getting a party in my server, surprisingly. :x
  9. Larger breasts size

    I initially minimised it. In the undergarments, they looked fine, but when trying on that cheongsam-ish outfit, they seemed kind of flattened for some reason. And not in a good way either; the shape was highly unnatural with that outfit on. So I shifted it up a little bit. :x
  10. Goldspammers are taking server space

    Click the up button to the left of the chatbox. That'll shift it up and freeze the chat.
  11. DUNGEONS 101

    Isn't party search F7?
  12. Show off your characters!!

    Completely coincidental Yuzuriha Inori lookalike. I swear I only noticed it after getting that outfit.