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  1. Outfits droprates in dungeons ?

    I've seen Burning Flames and Old Stratus Empire Armor drop a lot, but I've always been grouped up with lots of rich people who bid it all the way up to like 95 silver. Yeah, you might scoff and say that it's cheap, but I don't have anywhere near that much money. As for later costumes...well, I'm not there yet. :p
  2. Proper dungeon etiquette

    Agreed on rushing. There was a time I just happened to step right onto the spot the firewall spawned on because someone rushed ahead, and I got killed by it. Most of the party made it past in time though. One guy ressed me after the Terracotta General died, but then I got glitched and ended up falling forever in some blue space. By the time the textures finally loaded properly, the party'd already went into the boss room, locking me out of the boss fight. Even after I'd told them my game glitched out. And yesterday one idiot rushed far ahead of the entire party, locked the other five of us out of the Terracotta General fight and got rekt by it. No one bothered to ress Mr. Leeroy Jenkins. Something I want to add regarding auctions: - Don't bid on something you don't need when others might need it more. Like the Infernal accessories for example. I know they make great fodder, but spare a thought for the people who need them for breakthrough. Well, at least they're easy to get... - DO pass on a item if you don't want it. Don't just sit there waiting for the thing to time out; it's a total waste of time when there are like 5 or 6 items queued up after it.
  3. Soul Burn????

    Do you mean to say you're useless without that? Regular Rosethorn works just fine. All it does is make having a Warlock in the party just that much more desirable.
  4. Reform factions, this is redic

    Crimson's the majority on Hajoon. I'm almost always surrounded by Crimsons in every area. That said, Cerulean doesn't seem to have any problems taking down wyrms regardless. Though sometimes Crimsons jump us while we're doing quests...
  5. I don't really think it's automated, considering how slow the replies normally are. The people handling support must have really terrible reading comprehension skills though. Every ticket I've sent in has received a reply that's slightly off the mark, like I sent in a suggestion on combating gold farming bots and they said that they could not let me know what they're planning to do to deal with them. ._.
  6. Most of the BladeMaster skills don't make sense

    Don't take me as an authority on BM skills, because I'm only around Lv35 atm. - BM has a lot of stuns, but you generally won't be using most of them in PvE. It's mainly for PvP I believe. I agree that the long cooldown of Take Flight is kind of annoying since it's the only thing that can take advantage of stuns, apart from the stun caused by a kick to a blocking enemy which Breeze can capitalise on. - Adding a couple points into Crash drops its cost from 3 to 2, making it a little cheaper than Ascend. It can also supposedly be specced to mob(?). - Stomp is absolute crap, but it recovers focus. If you want better damage, spec it into Divebomb which costs 2 focus and does over 200 times more damage and can be spammed if the description isn't lying to me. - Flock of Blades is actually sort of a stance. It changes all the skills in the lower row at the bottom of your screen, and Whirling Scourge (V) is actually pretty powerful. But what you generally want is to specifically spec Flock of Blades into Blade Call, which is essentially a nuke of sorts (20x AoE damage after 5 sec delay).
  7. RNG has killed my character.

    Guys, it's Lv16 for trade and marketplace access. ._. @Doxide Try asking around for help in faction chat. A friend of mine ran into the same problem, so I asked the faction for help and someone responded, spending probably around 5 keys or so to help my friend get his weapon. Of course, you'll need to be Lv16 to actually obtain the weapon due to level restrictions on trading. You could also buy it from the Marketplace once yiu hit that level. I hear people tend to sell stalker weapons for cheap, so you should be able to get one without much fuss. But either way, you'll need to be Lv16 if you're out of keys. If you fear a lackof keys in the future, you can join the Radiant Ring crafting guild...
  8. forum keeps logging me out??

    Couldn't even log in earlier. Seems to be just the forums, because I was already logged in when I checked the main site.
  9. Can Only Change Font Size In All Tab

    A little old, but I believe the "Apply to all" option means it controls all the different types of text for that one tab. If you look down, you'd notice that you can set each kind of text to a different font size. Doing so will uncheck "Apply to all".
  10. So either remove the option or lock it while in combat or in dungeons, I guess?
  11. !Rigged

    I keep getting lots of Lynblades, actually. Though I usually see Gauntlets and Axes...I think. EDIT: Oh, that was for Stalker weapons. In the case of Blight, the boss seems to drop a lot of Bangles.
  12. !Rigged

    Ehh...I got my Blight Sword from the second box I opened. I got my Stalker Sword on my third try back at an earlier level. And my Corrupted Sword on my third run of Darkglimpse, I believe.
  13. Asia Server

    They don't have rights to publish the game in our region, so their hands are tied. The best they can do is pass it off to someone who does, but that's another matter entirely. They should probably at least let us know what they're planning, but I doubt the moderators know anything anyway.
  14. Asia Server

    Speaking of which, I only learned about the JP server after I started playing here. :p
  15. Asia Server

    Japan and Korea are part of Asia too. ._.

    Probably because of all the people coming here to check news/complain.
  17. Blade and soul crimson legion full

    That said, I don't really see any CO people camping outside bamboo village waiting to massacre newbies. It's pretty much all CL. ._.
  18. Blade and soul crimson legion full

    Speaking of which, why is CL so popular anyway?
  19. Please Make a Premium Server!!

    ...I've seen bots with premium, actually. In fact, that's probably how they still seem to get in even when the queues are so bloody long.
  20. Oceanic players unite!

    Greetings from Singapore!
  21. If I delete my character, can I get the name back?

    Yes. That's what I did.
  22. Video Capture

    If you're running Windows 10, you can also hit Windows Key + G to open the built-in game bar and record using that. No additional programs necessary, though I'm not sure how it compares to dedicated third-party programs built for the task.
  23. Premium Members - Question for you...

    It's because you're non-premium. The short queue times people posted above were mostly for Premium.
  24. 15 keys ...

    Oh, my mistake. x.x Well...good luck. :p p.s. The final boss drops sealed weapons (seems to be a 100% chance to drop one?), so gather up some friends to help you rush the dungeon for that. You won't need any keys then. The friends part is important. You need people who won't vie with you for the weapon you need.
  25. 15 keys ...

    Grind to 16 and buy one off the marketplace cheap. Or ask around for one in faction/region chat. Yeah, I'm kind of just repeating what everyone's said, but really. Just do it.